Truny the Warlock on Merlin’s Robe

Alright, Trial of the Crusader 25 gears. Merlin’s Robe. Wait wait what’s wrong with the regular T9 Warlock Chest obtainable via Emblem of Triumphs? Well, take a look at Merlin’s Robe again, what does it have, and not have? I am also using the ilvl 232 chest as a comparison since I am assuming one is not going to raid and obtain a thingamadoodle to upgrade the Warlock chest into Gul’dan’s Robe of Triumph. (But it doesn’t matter anyways, you’ll see..)

Merlin’s Robe
First of all, switching to this robe, we lose a significant amount of Spirit, you’ll lose about 35 spellpower but that’s ok since Spirit won’t be needed in the future!

What else is missing? Merlin’s robe does not have HIT! As you can see the T9 chest is pure spellpower and hit, nothing special, if you require this hit don’t switch or switch up your gears to compensate. That is what I did, by switching chest pieces I was undercap by a little bit.

Truny recently got lucky at the Vault of Archavon Lotto and received a pair of Sanctified Dark Coven Gloves, the 25 man version which aha has the same amount of hit as the T9 chest! I kept these gloves in my bag until I managed to win an auction on the Merlin’s Robe pattern to switch out all the gears (ugh). (If I had used them then, I would have been WAY over the hit cap and also woudl have lost nice juicy haste from my existing gloves). I now have the Gloves of False Gestures as an off-piece or until I find another random upgrade to switch it back in, or buy another T10 Warlock piece to try out the Two Piece Bonus.

Actually if I manage to up my hit rating I can switch the Gloves of False Gestures back and have a near 990 haste rating (DROOL)

Yes, the T10 gloves DO NOT have my favourite stat HASTE, but remember, Merlin’s robe has a LOT of haste on it!

Along with the 90 haste rating, Merlin’s Robe also has a free 66 crit. rating, which I just take as a bonus!

Wait stop! What about saving up 95 Emblems for the T10 chest? Sure, that is a nice alternative too but since MY current Frost Emblem count is at 66 and I intend on upgrading my helm or belt next…it’s irrelevant.

Trying to keep a nice high haste will maintaining the hit cap essentially is fjkdahfda!!

Truny the Warlock

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