Is a Warlock Right For You?

Hello friend, are you curious about the demonic antics those so called Warlocks are so obsessed about? Are you interested in becoming a Warlocky Warlock for yourself? Are you unsure if this is the right class for you? No worries!

Just take a quick dip through Truny’s short questionaire (omg is that how you spell this I’m too lazy to spellcheck) and tally up your points to see if perhaps, you are suited to be a Warlock.

1. Are you interested in playing a ranged magic type character, or prefer melee up front physical characters?

If you answered ranged, give yourself five points and proceed.

2. Are you interested in Demons to help you “4 teh fite”?

If you answered yes, give yourself five points and proceed.
If you answered no, you can still be a mage, a priest, or an elemental shaman, or a hunter who stacks spell power,or a DK who stacks spellpower and spams icy touch!

3. Do the words: Fear, Corruption, Destruction, Decimation, Immolate, Haunt, Soul Drain appeal to you?

If you answered yes, give yourself five points and proceed.
If you answerd no, well, you can still WAND things to death but if you said yes to Demons….

4. Would you like to have the ability to summon others at any given location, or resurrect others using Soul Essence after they have died?

If you answered yes, you are a prudent one. No points, but you may proceed.
If you answerd no, well too bad those are abilities you get and you bet your ASS you’ll be asked to use them, you may proceed.
If you answered “no but it’ll come in handy for when those other people are failing”, five points for you, and you may proceed.

5. Do you like having to allocate an entire bag slot JUST to hold Warlock specific reagants which help you do cool (aka HAVE to have in order to do) Warlocky things such as summon demons, make weapon buffs, and Soul Shatter to reduce threat on a long cooldown which sometimes fail?

HA too bad, proceed, minus 5 points to EVERYONE!

6. In terms of dealing damage, do you prefer to slowly whittle the life out of your foe using damage over time effects via curses and corrupting their very soul, or do you prefer blasting shadow and fire in an all-out assault?

If you chose Damage over Time, you may be interested in becoming an Affliction warlock which specialize in the best sustained damage in the game. Your shadow damage is unmatched! With certain talents you can heal yourself through the pain and anguish of your foes!

If you chose all-out assault:

A) You may be interested in the Demonology tree. Your spells and effects help other characters in your group or raid by boosting their spellpower, you are less squishy than the two other trees, and you also get a mini-warrior Demon! You can also transform into a Demon yourself, boosting armor and damage. When a boss is at 35% health or less its your time to shine but I’ll let you figure out why yourself!

B) You may be interested in the Destruction tree. Your main demon friend is your very first bestest friend the Imp! Though by your hand alone will you unleash a barrage of flame and chaos as your fire spells will get a massive boost! (And since Conflagrate got an initial damage reduction, with the damage put into a small DoT, your threat wont’ be AS high but still high!)

So yeah…uhh…welcome! As a Fresh Warlock, the only thing you must remember is to:

i. Soulstone Your Healer
ii. Give People Their Healthstones Which They Will Not Use
iii. Summon Lazy Asses Because You Might As Well Since It Takes Too Much Effort To Walk To The Summoning Stone
iv. Kill

Truny the Warlock

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