Truny the Warlocks’ Guide to the Noble Something Easter Event

Yeah, I’m four years late to the party but I don’t care!

I used to think all the holiday events were a waste of time because I was too busy gearing up and accumulating wealth and the holiday events did neither to increase one’s wealth or get geared up.

So what’s with this event?

OK FIRST OF ALL, I thought the event would only last for ONE day so I was a bit aggressive in collecting those shiny shiny eggs.

Essentially you equip an easter basket in your offhand which gives you a constant 60% increase to run speed if you click it every cooldown (works only in the places where eggs are hidden).

Open up your Achievement panel, look at what you need to buy, and you’ll see that everything you need can be obtained using those Noble Chocolate thingers, and clicking them in the appropriate spots. Sometime’s you’ll find the items you need inside an egg which saves you time!

The best place I found to collect eggs was in Falconwing Square, specifically, the Fountain in the middle of Falconwing Square. There are about five or six different spawn points of eggs IN the fountain, and also the FOUR BENCHES around the fountain also have eggs that spawn under them.

You can be aggressive and monopolize the entire fountain, as long as you stand in the same “section” of the fountain that the eggs spawn, you can click on it so its safe to stand between the statues on the side of the fountain (since you can’t jump into the fountain). You can easily get 100 eggs in 20 minutes.


What I didn’t understand was why other people were clicking MY eggs, I obviously had my eye on the ENTIRE area yet people just kept coming and clicking on my eggs!

I know that the fountain can be shared by two or three people, each taking a section, but why? It’s slow and inefficient!

Why is this event so stressful and competitive?? It makes people STEAL my eggs, yes I repeat MY eggs!


In Brill earlier but I don’t know why there were so many people online stealing all my eggs! It’s Easter! Go spend time with your family or log off and play another game! I don’t even celebrate Easter yet I’m doing this in-game event…how lame? It’s ok to collect eggs now since I have no use for them ANYMORE.

I WAS, however, very helpful to my fellow Turalyonians. I equipped the Elegant Dress which I found inside an egg and stood still like those assholes on their expensive or rare mounts in the middle of Dalaran, helping people with their achievements (while AFK reading the Dracula Sequel).

The end.

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