Google Kluptomania

What happens when you google Kluptomania?

First google will ask you if you meant “Kleptomania”.

Sort of. Though it was a coincidence that Kluptomania sounds like Kleptomania.

You’ll see the blog’s main site listed first, then the listing on Twistednether.

Next you’ll see a youtube video of someone killing red harpes in the game of Maplestory and they are going “Kluptomania” on them.

I used to play Maplestory, then took a big break after going on a three month trip to Hong Kong back in 2008. During that time, level 120+ stuff came out and my friend in there was showing me his new Priestly powers.

The next results you see are something like [= E.A.K.D.’s Kluptomania =]. That is my old MSN blog which I never shut down.

The remaining results are unrelated.

On the second search page, you’ll see, which is my current non-WoW blog, which streams into facebook. Weird stuff!

Klupty Not the DK This Time

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