Truny the Warlock on the Ashen Verdict

Ok I’ve been inside Icecrown Citadel for a total of TWO times and my current reputation standing with the Ashen Verdict is 2,991/3,000. One more mob kill to hit friendly (tonight!).

Getting friendly through non-sexual means with the Ashen Verdict means the easiest obtainable and cheapest non-drop ilvl 251 ring. In our Warlocky case it is the Ashen Band of Destruction. Kill things, they start to like you, have a ring.

Though the hit on this ring will put my WAY over the hit cap of 17%, the slight slight increase in haste and spellpower from my current “filler” ring, the Band of Channeled Magic makes this a very nice solid upgrade. See there’s nothing wrong with using a T7.5 ring at all! Yeah Truny and her goddamn haste!

Also as we swap out our T9-ish gear I found that a lot of items do not have hit on them anymore, so…whatever for now!

The Ashen Verdict are a pretentious bunch. I assume they gave not a wisp of their interest in our endeavors while we were GRINDING AND GRINDING rep for the Argent Crusade *shakes fist* and the Knights of the Ebon Blade. We ground ourselves to freakin’ Exalted with the two factions, and all of a sudden now that they are assaulting the Citadel in all of their glory through their outstanding abilities, they forget all about us!


(It means discounts to head enchants if you need them duh)

But! So you mean these skilled craftsmen of the Ashen Verdict knew how to create T10.5 gear ALL throughout the existence of Naxxramas? We did fine without, but why hold back? If they had JUST discovered how to transform and mold Saronite to their will, they are also in their learning curves, why forget about us?

The good: Calm down its ok, since rep can be gained through killing things and NOT questing. And you know how much I like quests! At this rate, it’s not really a grind, it’s just a nice little bonus for your efforts.

Just take it as it is: A number that slowly increases and once it hits a certain number you get some loot.

Truny the Warlock

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