Underutilized Pain

Searing Pain! Other than in PVP when I need really quick burst damage, where would we throw in this spell? Usually we end up disregarding this spell and just leave it to rot in the bottom of our spellbooks.

But why would we want to miss out on an opportunity to inflict not just Pain, but Searing Pain upon our enemies?

It generates a lot of threat, but maybe we can use it as a finisher if we don’t have Shadowburn in our repertiore.

This spell isn’t a nuke, it’s what it is, Pain!

“Mwahaha, oh your health is low: *Spams Searing Pain*”

Enemy: “Ow stop burning me, ow, ow, ow!”

“Mwahaha, feel the PAIN!”

I know, lame but I’m still going to put this spell onto my action bar somewhere and spam it for the daily today. Mwahaha!

Truny the Painful

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