Truny the Warlock’s Loot Drama: Shriveled Heart

Remember two days ago when Truny ran Heroic Halls of Reflection and saw the Shriveled Heart drop? And remember how the healer and a dps pally rolled on it and the healer won and I was like “ok next time it is”?

Well, after an excellent run yesterday, our tank held aggro like a champion, we cleared the fourth wave of scary scourage in the Run Away event and I was thinking “ok this is it”, and TADA!

(This is just from Wowarmory, I have “real” pics on my laptop)

It actually looks like a swirly frothing Orange Sorbet. I think the actual Shriveled Heart is stored inside this noise-maker.

With this last upgrade it puts my final unbuffed stats at:

Bonus Damage: 2525
Hit Rating: 347
Crit Chance: 28.3%
Haste Rating: 569

I will need to move my talents away from Improved Corruption into Supression to make up for Hit so I don’t miss during the VoA Weekly Lottos (though the last run we did I didn’t miss with JUST 16% ish hit)

I will also be trying for 760 raw haste (+240 from the Spellgem for 1000!!!!)

Truny the Warlock

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