ALTS ALTS ALTS: Which One Now?

Klupty the Death Knight: Level 80. Frost (DW DPS) and Frost (DW Tanking)

Quick Note: I know he’s level 80 but he’s very poorly geared for both of his specs, POORLY GEARED! I don’t know, playing a DK is like watching what button lights up and hitting it if the button you pressed before was: Obliterate, or if there was a proc, or if you need free Blood Runes. WTF?

Gear Prospects: Real super slow. I have a feeling one of the toons listed below is going to hit 80 and outgear Klupty.

Runy the Rogue: Level 64. Subtlety and Combat specced.

Quick Note: I find the rogue a much more interesting melee class as a Death Knight, perhaps of my inclination towards the stealthy versus dumb. You have all your stunlocks available, you can vanish from battle and you can Run For Your Life really fast!

Levelling Prospects: I will occasionally log into Runy and run a maximum of TWO random dungeons, he will hit 80, though very very slowly. I do predict he will be the next one to hit 80.

Truby the Paladin: Level 47. Protection and Retribution specced.

Quick Note: Paladins are invincible and OP. Tanking, I don’t die. Tanking is fun except when I feel like I am running out of MANA?? WTF MANA?? I do have that “if I get healed I get MP” mumbo jumbo but…MANA?? Retribution is awfully strong for its level too but again its a melee class and grouping at this level is hit and miss. Only if I need entertainment.

Levelling Prospects: Truby will most likely hit 80 after Runy does so unless something dramatic happens and I suddenly feel like going Holy.

Husbrus the Priest: Level 24. Shadow Specced.

Quick Note: Ok I almost want to go holy/disc to level and just heal my goddamn way to maybe level 70 and then pick up Shadow DPS again this is lame with no lifetap! I’ve always like using the “Fwong” holy word shield.

Levelling Prospects: Probably really slow unless I really want to just heal the hell through to 70.

Druny the Mage: Level 17 almost 18. Frost Specced.

Quick Note: Frostbolt is nice and quick and goes “plop” when it lands and Flamestrike is really fun to cast because I know how much it hurts!

Levelling Prospects: Will probably be taken priority over the prest since a mage has a lot of potential.

Shinjen the Shaman: Level 14 Shaman. Enhancement Specced.

Quick Note: Just so I can have my own bloodlust? Maybe make a healer? Try out chain-lightning and its chain-y-awesomeness? Oh noes that’s all three trees!? Right now I am stuck somewhere in Durotar, everytime I log in I’ll see my character and then get discouraged then log off.

Levelling Prospects: I don’t know, unless I manage to log in for more than 15 seconds but a Shaman does look fun klunking things on the head with a mace.

Bruny the Warrior: Level 17 Warrior. Fury Specced.

Quick Note: Warriors sure level fast with heirloom gear, crusader enchanted swords and crazy dash and slash and stomp and smash and KABOOM!

Levelling Prospects: Bruny has been in some random dungeons and ended up tanking most of them and I probably won’t mind Warrior Tanking since my Main Healer practically grew up with a warrior tank, didn’t heal any other type of tank until the end of burning crusade. For sure after the Rogue, maybe after the Shaman and at the same time as the Mage?

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