What If: You Were Your Own 5-man Dungeon Group?

For simplicity’s sake let’s restrict this to level 80 heroics. If one of your toons’ has dual-spec, then they can count as TWO separate characters.

Here is my most likely 5-man composition:

Tank: Turny the Bear
Healer: Turny the Restless Tree
DPS: Truny the Warlock
DPS: Turby the Hunter
DPS: Klupty the Jewelcraft Slave Death Knight

It is quite obvious that in this group, the Death Knight is getting carried by the rest of the party members. He can barely break 3k dps, has no hit rating, and is still wearing some gnarly quest blues.

This would be the ultimate AoE team. Mangle and Swipe. Wild Growth. Seed of Corruption and Rain of Fire, Volley and Multi-shot. Howling Blasts. Heck, the Warlock and Hunter can sustain such high DPS that I might just let the DK go onto auto-walk-follow and just tag along for emblems and drops.

I tend to have this thought in the back of my head because sometimes just SOMETIMES I think “damn if only that crappy dps was my own hunter then we’d be much quicker” or “why is that dumb healer standing still, if it was Turny…”


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