Truny and the Shriveled Heart – Updates

Yay guess what dropped in the routine H HOR last night? Yes, the Shriveled Heart! The off-hand where EVERY character with an offhand slot that needs Spell Power wants!

Of course I lost the roll, the heart went to the healer, and also one of our dps paladins rolled on it, it seems they are working on a healing set.

I had just realized I was using the “wrong” offhand item. The violet citadel thinger. I switched to the Handbook of Obscure Remedies. Just for the haste, I like haste, MORE haste! (I am aiming for 1000 haste after spellstone since I do NOT raid I do not count in bloodlusts)

The whole point of going after the Shriveled Heart is to see how “geared” I can get as a non-raider. I guess it’s to appease the Godly Raider when they see me in THEIR daily dungeon so I don’t hold THEM back in their progress.

(Even though a Demonology Warlock usually tops DPS, Total Damage, boss DPS in every single dungeon in 5-mans. We’re just bursty)* Exception: T10.5 geared arcane mages who will just spam Arcane Blast or whatever the hell that thing is on a boss and kill it in 5 hits. (Which is good since its less work for me)

Comparison: Switching from Handbook to Shriveled Heart (Which is NEVER since everyone wants it)

Stamina: +11
Intellect: -2 hmm…
Spirit: -38 (Uh oh) -19 SP later.
Crit: +51. Whatever, don’t need.
Haste: +25 (+0.76% haste) ANYTHING more than 0 is good at this point for this slot!
Spellpower: +19 BUT -19 because of Spirit. = ZERO

So we gain a little bit of Crit, a little bit of haste. So it’s not THAT much better. And looking at Wowhead it looks like a….Maraca??

One a sidenote, Truny DID receive an upgrade: The Braid of Salt and Fire from Heroic ICK in Heroic Piece of Shi- I mean Pit of Saron. 60 haste and 60 spirit! With this, I can spend my Emblem of Frosts on the haste cloth glove instead of the belt!

Back to the Halls of Reflection grind for that LAST upgrade! Hoping the rest of the party are Hunters and Warriors (because then they won’t need even for off-spec), and hmm what’s a healer that wouldn’t want that? Forget it, maybe I’ll heal it myself on Turny. Oh no wait then my Warlock won’t be able to join hmm….ok maybe a really geared healer who doesn’t need it! (Though most likely once the Heart DOES drop I will stop playing my warlock just like when she was looking for the Spectral Kris back in the ToC days)

Truny the Warlock

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