Truny on Leggings of Woven Death

Truny is currently wearing Gul’dan’s Leggings of Conquest looking to upgrade to the Leggings of Woven Death. Yes, she is noob her pants are only T9.0. Well too bad since I’m not a srs bsns raider those work fine since they are the ONLY piece in all of the Warlock T9 that has haste.

However, things have changed: As long as you are fairly rich, you can buy some of the crafted ICC welfare epics (everything is a welfare epic if you DID NOT receive it in a raid, preferrably hard modes).

Leggings of Woven Death are one of these welfare items. The materials required to craft these pants are:

10 Spellweaves
10 Ebon Weaves
8 Primordial Saronites

The various weaves are no problem, since in a week or so Truny can make enough cloth. Primordial Saronite can sell for as low as 1,400-1,500 gold on our server. Eight times 1,500 = 12,000. Ok fine, about 14,000 gold isn’t THAT welfare, but according to our elitist friends if you didn’t do it “the hard way, through hard work, with a big group of other hard workers” then you don’t deserve it.

Hey I don’t deserve anything but as long as you dish out the funds. Hard work? How hard? Knowing what to do when to do it isn’t that hard when you know what to do when to do it? It’s an achievement?

Anyways, Primordial Saronites, can either be purchased, or exchanged for 23 Frost Emblems. I prefer a mixture of methods since I am too cheap to outright purchase ALL eight of them since the trade-off isn’t “worth it”. I come from the mentality that “if I can save money, then save money”.

What is the net-upgrade from switching to these pants?

Stamina: +31 (SO MUCH HP!)
Intellect: +31 (More MP to Tap, and a bit more crit. Whatever)
Critical Strike: +4. (About +0.10%)
Haste Rating: +64 (+1.34%) that’s huge for a single item.
Spell Power: +40 (That’s about exactly 40 spellpower)
+1 Blue Socket: That’s about equal to approximately exactly one blue socket.

Is it worth about 14,000 gold for this upgrade? If your answer is also: “Why not, it’ll help you kill bosses 1-2 seconds faster”, then go ahead!

Truny the Warlock

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