Truny’s Mission: Shriveled Heart

It is sad to say that Truny is looking to replace the first item she ever purchased with Emblems of Heroism x months ago:

The Ward of the Violet Citadel!

Truny was very excited because reading around the interwebs, she knew that this offhand would last her a VERY long time.

And a long time it has been indeed until the introduction of this new offhand which can be obtained through Heroic Halls of Reflection:

The Shriveled Heart

Let us see the net upgrade to be gotten from this item over the Ward.

Stamina: +5 (Awesome!)
Intellect: +/- 0 (Nice, no loss!)
Hit: -38 or -1.45%, make sure to make up for this if you’re not hit-capped!
Haste: +50 or +1.52%, haste is a nice for Demonology Warlocks for us to churn out our nukes!
Crit: +26 or about +0.50% Crit, not a big deal since we have such high passive crit but it’s a +!
Spellpower: +19. Think of it as a free Runed Scarlet Ruby.

That was the easy part. The hard part is:

1. Finding a group where no one else in the group needs it cause I suck at rolls. Period.
2. Finding a group where the tank doesn’t go splat in one second, and end up leaving the party.
3. Actually getting the thing to drop when you are on the correct character at the right time.

One of these days I shall have this ground-breaking 19 spellpower!

Truny the Warlock

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