Decimation: Get Outta The Way!

Remember when we had to take out our rulers and measure the perfect distance to stand by the Boss to perfect the timing on our Soulfire/Shadowbolt weaving so that when Shadowbolt lands it would proc Decimation for us just in time for Soulfire?

Well, of course that has been changed already, now Decimation gives us Nine Seconds of Soulfires with 40% reduced cast times.

I had misunderstood this ability for about a week until I realized something: I can continue to cast Soulfires under Decimation. Meaning that when a Soulfire lands on a mob, the Decimation effect does not disappear like in the good old days, it’s a flat Nine Seconds of Firy Fun!

It was something completely new to Truny: Attack a fresh mob with a starter spell Corruption and then Soulfire (!!) instead of Shadowbolt! And not just ONE Soulfire, sometimes there’s time for multiple!

Usually it takes me a wasted cast of Shadowbolt to realize that Decimation has procced so I usually have just over 7 Seconds to Soulfire Spam! Still, with a decent amount of haste, this means that Soulfires under the Decimation effect take about 1.8 to 1.9 seconds to cast which means FOUR Soulfires are available to blast at ANYTHING!

The most likely situation is that mobs are going to be dropping really fast once one is under 35%, so your first Soulfire is most likely to refresh Decimation, and you can switch targets and burn down a second mob by throwing your free Soulfires. If you are lucky, your last Soulfire and the damage from your other party members would have weakened that mob to under 35% and Decimation would be in consistent effect. Feel free to throw in some corruptions to Molten Coreicize your Soulfires as well!

Note 1*: I only find this useful and possible in the Icecrown 5-mans where the trash waves have a high enough HP to NOT die within three seconds. I tend to have a consistent Decimation effect after it has been triggered. However, Warlocks partying with newer groups may be able to do this in the ilvl200 Heroic dungeons just to get a feel of Soulfire chaining.

Note 2*: For the ilvl200 Dungeons, throwing out a bunch of Seed of Corruptions and topping it off with a Rain of Fire (optional) is still Truny’s preferred choice of satisfyingly explosive AoE!

Truny the Warlock

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