Svala Sorrowgrave

OH NOES! This is the first boss in Utgarde Pinnacle. This is also the most ANNOYING boss in the ENTIRE game! Why? I think SOMEONE had one too many cigs when she was a young Vrykul Bitch.

So when you enter the room, you see her and the Lich King talk for about SEVEN HOURS, all raspy goodness!

What is the POINT of this boss?


That is if Truny isn’t the one caught in her ritual of swords. Why you ask?

If Truny isn’t the one caught in her Ritual of Swords, I can usually KILL her before she even finishes her ritual!

It’s revenge I tell you! The time where we outgear her SO much that FINALLY we can destroy her singlehandedly!

It’s bittersweet, to have to endure her melodic vocals then to BURN her down before she effectively does ANY damage to the party!

What usually happens is that the party burns her down to about 250k or 220k HP and she’ll cast her Ritual (which takes WAY too long), she’s only a few % from Decimation Limit, a few shadowbolts, pop Metamorphosis and Soulfire her down! AH Satisfaction!

Truny the Warlock

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