Toravon the Something Something Frost Seeker?

Ok so this boss is like easy and like what the heck drops such good like gear?

Special Announcement: The Weekly Loot Pinatas now feature more Pinata-ey goodness!

Ok so this is what Toravon Seems to do:

He’s Ice Type. He’s weak on Fire. I am Fire Type!

He summons Orbs which fly around like the Mage’s Frozen Orb spell in Diablo 2, dodge those, and kill them.

He will cast a raid-wide ice damage thinger. Stay alive.

Loot Loot Loot!

I think these bosses should drop EIGHT pieces of gears seriously so easy might as well.

Luckily NO Warlock items dropped that time I went in (Truny’s first time) but a nice PVP cape did drop but again, if at least ONE other person rolls there is no way I will EVER win a roll unless they disconnected or decided they don’t need the item so of course I rolled anyways and of course:

Warlock #1: 45
Warlock #2: 78
Warlock #3: 98 <- Oh crap
Warlock #4: 55 Yeah we had five warlocks that one time.
Some Caster: 34
Some Caster: 11 <- Still too high
Truny: -2895 <- Fail
Some Caster: 25
Some Caster: 88

So yeah, good times. Toravon is easy peasy sauce with competent peoples, of course so is everything else HA!

Truny the Warlock Doing Lots of Posts to Catch Up

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