Truny’s Ridiculous Demands – Third Rendition

Oh man here we go again:

Truny has declared that the following changes be made to the Demonology Tree for Warlocks:

1) When Molten Core procs off of Corruption’s damage, we glow orange, a swell of intense flames. This is purely cosmetic.

2) When Decimation Procs, we undergo 25% of the Demon transformation. (And if Molten Core procs throughout this, the quater-demon will glow orange).

All these changes save for addons and looking somewhere else.

3) If a mob is affected by Corruption, and its HP falls under 35% HP, Decimation will proc. This would probably have to be built into the talent. Then again its fair since why would you NOT proc decimation EVER? It’s not like “Oh its not fair they get free Decimation when a mob is under 35%”, but any smart warlock would be gauging WHICH mob would approach 35% first, and duly blast them with Incinerate or Shadowbolt? This one is iffy, but demanded nonetheless.

Hey while we’re at it might as well give us EVEN more procs to look out for.

4) Burning Heart: Whenever your Incinerate hits for a critical hit, it increases your fire damage by 15% for 10 seconds.

5) Raging Soul: Whenever your Soulfire hits for a critical hit, you will automatically cast a free Incinerate for 100% crit at no cost, causing no global cooldown. NUMMY!

6) Rains of Hell: Whenever your Soulfire lands a critical hit three consecutive times (not including Raging Soul Incinerates), your next Rain of Fire is instant cast. Meaning your next rain of fire does ALL its damage in ONE cast, meaning its an instant attack unchanneled. NUMMY!

7) Demonic Fervor (Requires Felguard): When your health is taken to or below 20% you have a 33/66/100% chance to temporarily merge with your Felguard for 15 seconds, increasing armor by 1200%, immune to movement impairing effects, immune to critical attacks. You gain some unique Felguard techniques. This would be funny because even if incidental damage takes you down to 20% you might want to use this to “fortify” yourself for subsequent damage, OR you can always cancel it and continue to attack. It’ll be tricky and slightly annoying.

Ok that’s enough ridiculousness for one day!

Truny the Warlock

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