Two Demonology Questions

Truny was asked two rather Obvious To The User questions in a recent Piece of Sh- I mean Pit of Saron run.

“Why don’t you use SoC more?”

Because my dear, I only use that when there are more than three mobs to maximize area-of-effect damage. I will throw in a random Rain of Fire to top it off for aesthetic reasons.

Using Seed of Corruption on a single target that isn not a PVP target who is not going to run away is useless. The explosion caused by the seed is not inflicted upon the target but to those around it. If there were only two mobs it is still not worth it.

However, you WILL see me use it in the Tunnel of Love once the tank has maintained proper aggro on the Ice Revenant and all the pretty skeletons.

“Why don’t you use Incinerate more?”

Because I am not a Destruction Warlock. If you had not noticed that armor plated Demon over there, I am a Demonology Specced warlock. I will use Incinerate, however you will notice they only come in bursts of three or two, and that is only during my Molten Core procs which increase their damage and casting speed. I say two because they tend to trigger Decimation.

The end. @_@

Truny the Warlock

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