Like a Moth to a Flame

I am on a mission. This involves (some heavy touching yeah -sorry Lady Gaga) getting Truny the Warlock to become my best geared character!

I did the quest to get the very nice Quel’delar Lens of the Mind sword for her this weekend, sporting at 657 spellpower this sword is just awesomeness upgrade from Seethe. Poor Seethe, I spent so much time bitching about it not dropping, abandon the game and come back and upgrade it away. Sigh oh well, I’ve never actually SEEN the Sunwell so standing in the middle of it was kinda cool!

So before setting foot into Ice Crown Citadel Truny would like to be fairly upgraded in most of her equipment slots. I know it isn’t necessary but I just like to be “appropriate” by Kluptomania standards.

Her Offhand Item is the Heroic Emblem Ward of the Violet Citadel. Since Shrivelled Heart is so accessible Truny has been running H HoR every day for a chance to get it, and also her belt and shoes are T8 equivalent, that’s a no no gotta get it up to T9 at least.

ANYWAYS, yesterday in Halls of Reflection during one of the spirit waves I was dutifully corrupting and shadowbolting and decimating to my (shrivelled) heart’s content when I guess what happened was every single positive buff and proc were active and one of my Soulfire’s landed a 31.8k Crit!

I didn’t have time to screenshot it since it just popped out of nowhere, and seeing 20k+ crits were so happenstance anyways I didn’t have the same “OMG” reaction to these huge numbers anymore. I still remember when 4k was a BIG deal! (It still is!)

That’s Crazy Sauce! I am thinking it must have been one of the mobs which I accidentally put Curse of Elements onto when I was about to hit my Soulfire button (they are beside each other in 5 man dungeons) and Molten Core, Lightweave Embroidery, Now is the Time, all procced and crit at the max possible amount?

I shall try to reproduce this again since Truny is in the limelight of playtime until all her upgrades are achieved RAWR.

Truny the WHOA

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