Truny the Warlock Returns – Demonology

Truny has returned after an almost two month break!

From what I remember, the new changes to Demonologist Warlocks had already taken place but Truny didn’t really check them out.

It’s good!

A) Truny gets to use her favourite pet, the Felguard. Blagroon, the one who could dash cleave and save the squishy butts of the party!

B) Requirements for more awareness! MORE awareness! See, first we have to debuff things with our Improved Shadowbolt. Then we must make sure Corruption is always ticking since we are going to be fishing for Molten Core procs. What are those? Well Molten Core increases the damage and crit/speed for Incinerates or Soulfires. (Some may want to fire off Shadowbolts and only use Incinerate when Molten Core procs but I would rather see Incinerate).

C) Decimation. Remember when we had to go Shadow Bolt, Soulfire, Shadowbolt Soulfire. NOT ANYMORE! Now we can go Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire Soulfire and it looks something like this when you get a critting streak and various gear procs:

21,546 18,233 24,621! 9.264 (darn) 20,513 …eep!

Remember to jump into Demon form and activate any trinkets when you see the first Decimation Proc, it’s the magical buff that starts with a 9 second count. Also, remember to refresh Corruption to fish for Molten Core buffs to the Soulfires, and also to throw in a Shadowbolt to get the 5% extra crit!

This new system has a nice “Ok fuckers let’s do this!” feel once you see Decimation it’s all over!


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