Warlock’s Guide – When Grouped with Overgeared’ers.

Every time I am on my Warlock I tend to get grouped with super overgeared people who actually know what the hell they are doing and hence we tend to see ROOMS of mobs and bosses alike pulled altogether and decimated to the ground within 10 seconds. Most of the runs my Warlock ends up in end in about 7 minutes. Half the time it took for me to actually queue.

We must adapt to these types of runs. To actually contribute something and not be bored while having your Incinerate cast cut off because there is no longer a need to cast something that takes 2 seconds since EVERYTHING is dead by then. And you are only targetting a single target.

Rain of Fire!

No, each tick of rain of fire takes TOO long to trigger. You know how it is. Cast Rain of Fire:


Within that 1…2…damage….all gone. Hooray for your 400 dps for that fight!

I know it doesn’t matter that your damage gets gimped but its no fun doing absolutely nothing for an entire instance. If I wanted to do absolutely nothing I would roll as Turny and either Tank while spamming Swipe or heal while refreshing my hots while I bake some scones.

Seed of Corruption.

It’s a heavy mana drain, but the healer won’t mind healing you once you tap that mana back since no one else is taking any damage. It has a quick cast time and can be cast on EVERYTHING AROUND YOU so essentially this is what happens:

SoC, switch, SoC, KABOOM, switch, SoC, SoC, KABOOM, KABOOM, rinse and repeat.

I tend to switch to my Demonology spec when doing this since my base crit is higher, base spellpower is higher, I have access to the Spell-Haste spell-gem or whatever the heck that conjured weapon oil is and also the Felguard can cleave some mean monsters.

In this day and age this baby crits for well over 5,500 and you can just imagine the havoc this can cause in even a group of 3 mobs!

And for the record, yes I do use gearscore but just on my own toons and that is just a measure to gauge my progress. Klupty the 3300 gearscore Dk can still pull a respectable 2k overall and upwards 3.3k and I HATE melee. Ok straying off topic BAI!


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