Ionar: Halls of Lightning

Dear Resto Druids:

Do you still run away from his lightning dispersions anymore? Cause I don’t.


a) You resist them.
b) One rejuvenation can cover all the damage
c) Moving is for quitters

When you think about it it doesn’t do THAT much damage, sure it stacks a debuff that increases nature damage taken but…how long would the boss live to dish out ANY damage at all?

Sure, DPS standing around are going to look weird, the tank can stand there too its easy to heal through…so….redesign anyone?

Ionar Redesigned

Disperse: When Ionar disperses, four charged bolts leap towards random party members. Anyone who comes within 5 yards of a charged bolt will receive the Charged debuff. When a party member is Charged, they have a 100% chance of receiving 3,000 damage per second and all party members within 8 yard will also receive 3,000 damage per second, stacking up to 5 times, lasts 12 seconds.

NOW…you move the hell out of the way! None of this 1k tickling crap. Seriously running AWAY from the next destination is a waste of time. As is the breaks between Violet Hold waves, and also the break in Culling of Stratholme. Seriously do we need an ENTIRE minute to mana up? I mean in Halls of Reflection, the 45 seconds is good to res anyone who died and top up mana but in all the noobie heroics? And the Halls of Stone SIX minute event? Most bosses seriously die in 15 seconds nowadays! And this is when there are entire ROOMS of adds along with the party!

This is why I secretly like the Trial of the C’s. No trash, no waiting, just get the bosses, know their strategies. Sure there’s no exploration or much lore anymore but hey it doesn’t waste time. OH wait the announcers waste a ton of time. Good thing they shortened THAT too.

Jeez someone’s not enjoying the game.

Top 5 Waste of Time Events:

1. Culling of Stratholme.

This is the mother of “oh my god this instance is SO easy, 5 emblems but we have to LISTEN to 50 minutes of dialogue EVERY SINGLE TIME”. First you have to dispel 5 containers, and most likely your lazy ass party member WILL NOT HELP YOU since its most efficient if two people stagger the boxes due to the cooldown on that dumb heart shaped blue thing. THEN you listen to Arthas bitch and whine and whine some more. Then after the first boss you wait a few minutes for the next wave and after the second boss you wait TWENTY MINUTES for Arthas to get his ass from the entrance to the inn (which waste precious time, we only have 19 minutes left to finish the gauntlet!). Then you must suffer through what is probably the worst voice acting ever from the dragon boss that stops time and does weird spinny actions.

2. Halls of Stone.

Brann Event. Enough said. And if you don’t STOP him from talking after the even the’ll go on for an HOUR about some gods or something.

3. Utgarde Pinnacle

Just because of Svala Sorrowgrave. STFU! What has she been chain-smoking since she was child? Comparing the amount of time it takes for her to finish her annoying speech and the actual fight, she is just effing annoying and a time-robber. Svala is usually down before her first “Ritual of Swords” is over if one of my ranged DPS is here in H UP. Just shut it!

4. Drak’Tharon Keep

Prophet Tharon’Ja or whatever his name is. His corrupt flesh ability is cool the first time you experience it, but seriously how can ANYONE lose in this fight? Once you are corrupted you gain the ability to heal yourself for like 4,000 HP every few seconds. Most healers can’t even DO THAT YET! Yeah this boss is an “event”, not a boss.

5. Violet Hold.

I know, this instance is super duper “fast and easy” but the breaks between each wave of 6 is a bit TOO LONG. They should just throw ALL 18 waves at us along with the last boss. Whatever. Also, what’s up with Ichoron? That boss does no damage, and is probably ONLY there for the heroic achievement? Am I missing something? I dread the end of wave 6 and 12 because its just…..go back and dance for an eternity for the stairs.

Next post, the most unecessary bosses (sort of hinted at above)

Turny the Grouchy Patient Tree

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