Back in Time

Yesterday I hopped onto Turny for his daily Frost-emblem run, and I did not mind having to wait 2 seconds longer for a queue so I only signed up as a healer.


The group I was with was at the first boss of Drak’Tharon Keep. That place is whatever weird!

Engage the first boss: Whatever His Name is Summons Exploding Trolls

Rejuvenate, Lifebloom.

Wait….err..they are still fighting.

Rejuvenate Lifebloom.

….they are still going at it. This is taking a while am I lagging?

By now I think he enraged and some trolls exploded and the tank went SPLAT.

WHOA what? On my watch??

Glance recount real quick. OHH.

1200, 1300, 1350, 1000, 16 (that’s me!)

I have been so used to GO GO GO fast runs that the notion of “regular” getting geared up toons still existed. I remember Truny the Warlock being one, though she still pulled off 2k no matter what.

So it was a different feel yesterday, no longer did entire mobs go down by one Lifebloom, or did an entire room last for one single Regrowth. We downed the last boss smoothly, and slowly. As expected.

I then logged onto my Hunter. There was just….something I had to confirm. I threw him into the dungeon getter, grabbed the daily cooking quest and off we went.

What seemed like FOUR hours later, Heroic Trial of the Champion. Yay nice and fast, trashless, great for us burst-damagers (which is almost every dps class right?)

For all three boss waves our numbers were like:

4,900, 4,500, 3,200 (some other person)

So essentially my crappily geared hunter (no Icecrown loot, or H ToTGC loot) was equivalent to an ENTIRE party of new 80s in damage output, how scary is that?

Turby the Hunter

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