Heroic Halls of Reflection – Tanking

So APPARENTLY, queueing oneself as a TANK versus a HEALER gets groups EVEN FASTER.

If you want INSTANT groups, queue as a tank. If you want groups that take 2-5 seconds, queue as healer.

But why wait? So recently I’ve been queue Turny as a Tank. Though his gear is not stellar, his dodge is about 43% with 45K hp if a paladin or a priest is in the group.

(Remember, only GOOD gear comes from Heroic TOC or ICC, everything else is for “regular folk”)

Even though tanking is a bit more involved than Healing, aka having to aim at mobs and keep them attracted to you, in reality…other than the Frozen Halls, none of the mobs really actually DO ANY DAMAGE anymore. Yes, even in crappy T8s. See how the standard has been skewed here?

Frozen Halls. Starting a battle with 0 rage SUCKS. Having a paladin who can shackle undead or a hunter who can freeze one of the Undead Gun-Dwarves is SUPER helpful since we can focus on all the melee without having to run all out of range and or waste rage on a low priority kill.

We used the “Hide behind Falwin” trick (or whatever the eff that boss is called), and WOW for once I can actually SEE what is going on.


Well when I’m healing I practically have my face to the corner of the back wall while I throw out my HoTs and as long as no one is out of range we’re good.

When I’m dps’ing I have my camera zoomed into first person perspective, while being ALL the way in the back corner being a good ranged-pew-pewer.

But as a tank you can SEE where the mobs are coming from, which ones are running straight to the healer and which one decides to stay in range.

A little bit hectic, I kind of missed my ranged Paladin taunts but once all the melee were focused on me and the ranged mobs were CC’d we were fine, no wipes.

For the Run Away sequence, it is a matter of gathering enough rage from the little ghouls to grab the attention of the big mobs before they splat the rest of the party. This time we had about 11K total DPS and made the getaway smoothly. The smoothest run being the party having about 15k dps.

So now that I think of it, hey I just tanked the “hardest” five-man without going SPLAT instantly! I mean, there wasn’t a lot of movement involved other than sidestepping Corruption Wells but…hey! Ok…lost track of topic again!


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