On Beast Mastery

There once was a time before the Rain of Endless Gear where the difference between a Survival Hunter and a Beast Mastery Hunter’s power was significant enough to push most Beast Masters to the former, to maintain their damage output.

I was one of those Hunters.

Wait I lie. It was because Dual Speccing came out so I chose Survival as my second spec, keeping Beast Mastery in hopes that one day it will rule again.

When Turby first started, apparently that was the “good time” for Beast Masters as they were THE choice for damage. I didn’t know better, all I knew was I could tame all these crazy monsters that would otherwise bite my head off and I could rename them all to be called Puppy.

It wasn’t until the demand for 1400+ dps that I realized I had no idea what my DPS was (never had recount back then either) that perhaps I would want to be more competitive just for the sake of it.

But now. Turby is practically T9 equivalent, though every socket is filled to the brim with Agility enhancements (vs the Attack Power I used to stack as a beast master), I decided to do some Random Groups as a Beast Master. No one would ever know.

First thing to notice: I ran out of mana way faster. Without the replenishment and mana-returning abilities I found myself having to recede into Aspect of the Viper WAY more often than in Survival.

Damage-wise I do not have exact numbers but it seems almost the same as Survival. On boss fights BM is completely fine with my personal dps at around 3200 and my Puppy’s dps at around 1300, that’s 4500 total! I only see those numbers on Survival in the new Frozen Halls or in raids because of the higher HP on mobs!

And 1300 dps for a pet?? I completely forgot about this! It was by the time Dual Spec came in that I had installed this trusty Recount tool so I never knew what Puppy was doing before o.O!

1300 was quite respectable given that one of our warrior dps was doing 1400 on the same boss!

What else? Oh yes, with BM I get to be lazier. I click that “Pet does more damage button” that makes the “GRAWRL” sound, use my shots Arcane, Aimed, Sting at Pleasure, and steady shot until the Cooldowns are up. Nothing to watch out for. No procs, no Black Arrows running out, the pet does most of the work on trash.

Come to think of it what IS that ability called? Bestial Fury? I just know its the button right on top of my #9 key and its RED.

So to end this off I shall make another ridiculous demand that shall be met soon:

Beast Mastery – New Talent – Aspect of the Pack (Redesigned)

The hunter takes on the Aspect of the Pack, bolstering their abilities to control the wild and dangerous creatures of Azeroth. The hunter under this Aspect has their damage and their pet’s damage and attack speed increased by 10%. The hunter under this Aspect can take control of up to THREE pets.

Yeah. Three!

You’ll have to manage each of them independently but with great power comes great button clicking skills….sigh.

Turby the Hunter

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