Too Competent!

Wow I am not used to all this competence! A five person group where EVERYONE knows what their role is and can do it with utmost quality? Wow!

I’ve been on my Paladin lately, just dinged 43 and her Dungeon Adventures range from exasperating to good. Be it from people disconnecting/leaving party halfway through the instance or not knowing what they are supposed to do or where to go or not doing anything at all….being anything but 80 sucks.

Yes I complain sometimes about the lack of content for the lower levels since everyone’s goal is to hit 80 ANYWAYS and have access to all the nice shiny purple level 80 activities but it is here where things are more stable. Sort of.

Anyways, I got bored of Pally tanking and logged onto Turny the Patient Restless Tree for the daily Frost Emblems since I know as a healer, I will see “Your Dungeon is Ready” before I even have time to move my mouse to another spot.

It was pretty late but I thought “hey how hard/long could VH be (if it was VH)?” but as the loading screen popped up I thought something was wrong:

“Hmm…where is this? A blue pedestal amongst blue pillars in a circular ro- oh crap its Halls of Reflection!”

Mumble grumble. Come to think of it Turny does not have the Heroic achievement for this instance and I remember thinking when I was playing on my Hunter/Warlock in this dungeon that “I could probably heal better than these people”.

I only say that because my Dps toons take out the mobs that SHOULD die first and or assist the tank. Anything else and its incidental damage like its going out of fashion.

I stand by the doorway and the tank grabs adds and our dps…..are not taking damage….how weird what’s going on are the mobs glitched?

Wave 1 down. Tank takes minor damage, great tank at that you unkillable Paladins. I essentially rolled a lifebloom and rejuv and did a mandatory Wild Growth for most of the waves.

Up to the first boss none of the DPS had their health plummet kamikaze style that I was so used to when I was on my own DPS toons. People were calm and competent.


Nope, none of that. I had always thought that Shamans/Warriors/Paladin/Death Knight DPS had an ability that made their health jump to 50% EVERY PULL….just a thought.

Boss 1: Falric or Falwyn or Fal-something. I forget what he does, a fear that does damage and reduces health to 50%. Easy peasy. Nothing critting rejuvs and lifeblooms and a supplementary wild growth couldn’t handle. He goes down.

Waves 6-9 go down smooth and Malric or Marwyn or Marvin or Mar-something. No one stood in his Soul Wells, and I believe that is the only annoying ability otherwise its tank and spank.

Everyone was over 2500 dps, even myself as a healer…no just kidding.

How smooth and competent this run is so far. And how unlaggy.

Ok answer me this: When you are on your non-level-80-character, do you lag in dungeons and just in general?

On any non-80 toon I lag like crazy I have no idea why but when I log onto a level 80 my latency goes back to green.


Anyways, the AMG-ARTHAS-CHASING-US event went smoothly as well, all I had to do was prepare for the mandatory Shadow Bolt volley with a wild growth and some decursing and BAM done.


I believe the MINIMUM dps that is needed is 9,000 dps for the entire party. 2500 each person and 1500 for the tank. Because my hunter ran with a group just like that and we JUST made it out, Turby being the only one sitting in the high 3000’s. So if you want to know if the group is going to make it out a live check out the dps on the first half of the instance.

OH and I shall now rename this dungeon to: White Halls Of Reflecting Efflorescence.



Turny the Patient Restless Tree

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