Tips for Lowbies


Nice to meet you, you must be our tank for this instance. I apologize but I am going to click on you and invade your privacy for just a moment. Do not worry it won’t hurt.

I see. You are wearing leather pants, and a cloth shirt. That is a very nice two handed axe you have there, where is your shield?

I see your talent points have nothing to do with tanking, but that is okay we can just Brute Force It. That is a favourite phrase of mine lately, we’ll just Brute Force It.

Did you know you are not supposed to follow everyone around and do minor damage but actually HOLD OFF ALL THE ANGRY MONSTERS? Just a tip.

And how are you our nice Sword DPS! I that you and or your pet LOVES to pull mobs all by your very own self! How proud of you I am! Oh look, the damage seems too high for you to handle, perhaps I shall Let You Take One For The Team.

Oh yes I could cast a shield on you, or taunt the mob off you but since you are so good at solo-ing dungeons I shall sit back with my Popcorn and watch you fight for your life. Oh yes the mobs will come after the rest of us after you have died but that is nothing this Paladin can not handle. I shall take over after I finish replenishing my blue mana bar. It is a good thing to be attacking the SAME thing as the tank at the very least.

Oh, and Healer, how are you? You doing good? See the person with the Shield on their name, they will be taking a lot of damage so make sure To Cast Healing Spells on them! Do you even have them on your action bars? Yes, please use them. Do not worry about spamming them since I will stop if you need mana, I know we are not 80 with unlimited mana regeneration yet.

Dear Mr/Ms Afk For A Bit I Will Just Go on Follow. I will make sure you die every single time and not get a resurrection even at the cost of my own life. No one came here to share 20-ish percent of their experience because even though you were willing to wait in Dungeon Finder for 15 minutes but then became too busy right when the dungeon starts.

True story with a person who decided to go take a LONG smoke (they were tank) as Uldaman began. We waited for 5 minutes, and Truby though “Screw it” and we cleared half the instance by the time they came back. I believe they left halfway through anyways.

Yes, most people are Dual Specced are will GLADLY take over your role.



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