Priesty Pally Progress

Husbrus the Priest. My 10th toon on my main account, grossly underused.

I had manually levelled her up to 16 and started questing ALL the quests in The Barrens with a friend. It was quite enjoyable duo-ing these quests and travelling the dry and barren land that is The Barrens.

We killed and killed and occasionally queued in LFG (both as a healer) and BAM BAM we did some RFC, Shadowfang Keep and OH MY GOD Wailing Caverns.

I healed each time as a Shadow Priest.

I’d have to say Power Word: Shield is my best friend. And learning Flash Heal at level 18 (I think) is a godsend. Healing at low levels is a real mana drain! Well, anything is a mana drain when I’m used to having Life Tap or Unlimited Resto Druid Mana.

I might just respec Husbrus the Priest to Holy/Discipline and heal my way through to 80 since Shadow DPS doesn’t feel like my cup of tea at the moment.

Mind Blast, Dot’em Up, Purple Laser. It didn’t feel very impactful or painful. We’ll see. I will probably avoid my Priest for a bit unless I’m bored. At least she got up to level 23!

Truby the Paladin: Tanker and Retlol’er

Oh Paladin! I made a Paladin JUST so that I could see what all those weird and wacky shiny abilities they used were called and what they did!

Truby Ret DPS and Ret Tanked her way to level 40 and ran to her Trainer to receive Dual Specialization and became a Tank again. (She was Prot, but it was too slow, then changed to Ret…then patch 3.3 came and tanking=groups)

Ret DPS is ….pretty strong for this level consitently pulling 200 dps just by spamming buttons and relying on consecrate. Seal of Command does the rest.

And yes, those are the only abilities I understand and or remember the name to.

If I wanted that 50% reduction shield I know its “9” on my key bindings but I am not sure what its called. Also I can’t find my Pally Bubble, what is THAT skill called? Do I even HAVE it? I remember using it once….and it was NOT called Pally Bubble! I can’t find it anymore!

What’s with all our Hands? And laying hands on friend and foe alike? Jeez!

And all those Seals and Judgements!

Anyways, lost track of things again!

Right, Protection Tanking! Is it wrong to not die after pulling a dozen mobs while the rest of the party is down the hall chatting and drinking up? I think I only took damage all day when I was thrown into Maraudon: Orange Crystals where the mobs were three to four levels higher than me!

There’s actually more stuff to do as a Pally Tank. First you put down your Consecrate, then make sure your Holy Shield is always active and you judge as you please! Eight more levels and I can throw my shield to pull too! THIS compared to Feral Druid tanking: Mangle, Maul, Swipe, Barkskin if too much damage. However I do miss Swipe-Spam.

Perhaps I’ve just never felt so unkillable at a low level but its fun!

Will update more once I get to 50 and throw my shield at things randomly!

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