Death Knight Ass-Hattery

Take it as a social experiment or being completely random trying to mess with other people anonymously.

Say what? Yesterday, Klupty and DK friend embarked on a Death-Tard mission where we’d try to play as horribad as we could on our Death Knight while being equipped in all Spell Power gear or all cloth or all…everything with no strength.

I should have taken a screenshot of the two of them in their beautiful flowing Northrend Green Robes.

We queued as 2 DPS as that is the traditional role you would see Death Knights acting up. Ten minutes later our party is teleported into Heroic Nexus. Here is the party composition:

Tank: Pally, 5400 gear score 2.6k+ dps
Warlock: 5000+ gear score 3k+ dps
Shaman Heals: 3100+ gear score, mainly heroic blues and high level quest blues.
Klupty: 2000 Gearscore, all cloth and leather and mail, all spell power and spirit
DK Friend: 2000 Gearscore, all cloth and leather and mail, all spell power and spirit

We fell to incidental damage on the first Frozen Commander boss but our damage was actually VERY good considering all the cloth we had on, over 600-900 dps! If one were to judge correctly we weren’t randomly pressing buttons (too randomly).

The tank and warlock left after the first boss was downed, without saying anything however. The healer remained behind for a bit and tried to give us some advice on the proper gearing required for heroics, which was a very nice gesture.

We requeued and the new party came in and we silently finished the instance. Oh so silently no one seemed to mind or notice that two death knights had on cloth or didn’t want to be rude or were confused or…what? Did they know it was a dud? A coincidence two death knights from our server were just randomly crazy?

Perhaps! What did we want to see? Maybe someone freaking out and making a big commotion and then leaving. Nope, all silence. Not even a “why the fu*k are you guys in cloth gear?”, or “Nice damage..”. Is it that hard to get a group that can type nowadays?

So next time you see someone performing HORRIBLY or geared TOTALLY off, maybe…just maybe they’re trying to mess with you!

On a side note to Mr 1,300 dps in Halls of Reflection, how did you get in?

Klupty the Ass Hat DK

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