Fine I’ll Do It

Turny got his share of Triumph Emblems yesterday all right. Heck as a healer most queues for the new Dungeon Finder is about a minute. Yes a minute! Unlike the usual 10 for DPS.

So I spent some time jumping from Random Dungeon to Random Dungeon and soon it got kind of annoying…why can’t we just have ONE group to chain them together?

So I did what we used to do in the good old days: Manually put a group together. I spammed some channels looking for a tank since that is all we needed and……nothing. No tanks??

Oh wait. I’m a tank!

But….ugh do I have to? Tanking is more brainless than Healing seriously.

1. Get mobs via Charge/Faerie Fire/Walk-up-to-them-and-go-o-hai-guys
2. Maul
3. Swipe
4. Lacerate/Mangle if it please my lord

Everyone is so overgeared for our poor ilvl200 Heroics anyways that movement, kiting, avoidance is not really required.

So I decided: Fine. I’ll tank and ask for a heals/tank. And voila we find an awesome Shammy healer and BAM BAM BAM we downed a good handful of dungeons!

On an offnote Oculus was the first thing that we were queued into and I HATED EVERY SECOND OF IT even though we more or less facerolled through it. Bad memories of going into it extremely undergeared.

I felt uneasy as a tank. Compared to most tanks these days Turny’s gear is only T8.5ish (Psh only?) putting him at 42% dodge and HP floating around 37-41k (if priested and or kinged), but apparently I don’t get hit much. Though having been dps/heals even getting hit ONCE is like “AMG IMMA DIE”!

Most tanks I’ve been with have like 100K hp and 95% avoidance and 1% consideration for the rest of the party because they could so solo the entire dungeon anyways as we are just there to witness their glory.

And what’s with these random DPS going afk for everything BUT the encounters? I tend to see this one random dot on my mini-map wandering aimlessly away from the mumbo-jumbo dots of where the action is going on, then as everything dies they move towards us. Weird.

But not to worry, there was a reason for all the Triumph farming and that is to finish off Turny’s T9 Tanking set! I looked at the stats compared to the Conquest gear and Ulduar 10-ish gear and when I looked carefully the upgrades were really really marginal, along the lines of +2 agility, +3 stamina, and the same sockets so I felt really really cheap and didn’t want to spend all those emblems for such minor minor upgrades but then again…where else am I to use them?

If anything I should look forward to the 4-piece bonus which is to reduce the cooldown on Barkskin by 12 seconds. TWELVE WHOLE SECONDS OMG I MIGHT ACTUALLY USE IT MORE!

(The 2 piece bonus reduces the cooldown on Growl by 2 seconds but …..why would I need Growl but to taunt bosses back to me at their decided intervals which is greater than the existing Growl cooldown?)

Whatever. Barkskin is the driving point.

Turny the Patient Restless Tree (Hey the lame achievement title says so)

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