Dungeon Acronyms

When I was first introduced to the trade and lookingforgroup channels as a young fresh Hunter I had absolutely no idea what all these acronyms flying left right and centre meant.


I knew that much. Damage per second. Looking for Guild. So I thought.

Why are people using such technical terms? Why not Damage? Whatever.


Look Free Market Science Theatres. (??)

“LF2M BFD then G2G”

I realized then Looking for (#) More. Boy Friend Down, then I gotta go. Then why are you messaging if you gotta go so soon?




I think in the Cataclysm expansion we should have dungeons that have names like:

Wyrmrest Temple Fields

Grand Thaurrisan Flame Orifice

Sunken Temple Further Underground

Lair of Lexarcoz

Etc etc. Sorry brain is not working at the moment but you get it haha!

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