Fastest Run I Didn’t Mind

It was one of many random instances I ran while healing on Turny the Restless Patient Tree. Heroic Halls of Lightning. I accept that place. Kind of long, but acceptable. Blame it on the architecture.

Pop pop pop we all show up to the instance and we buff and what-not and our tank says “Don’t heal or dps yet I’m pulling a lot, else I’ll let you die” something along the lines of that anyways and I think “Ok whatever, you have 50K hp anyways” o.O

So he proceeds to pull the first two guards, then the group down the ramp, and the second group, the first group is dead by now and the charged boss is walking by with his two guards and we are now fighting the charged boss and…this is seriously easier to heal than the first piece of trash in Forge of Souls.

We pull the next two platforms down them and pull the entire elementals area along with the Forgeboss and he dies in probably 10 seconds and we pull the entire hall of Comes to Life Statues along with the elementals at the end ALONG with the Elemental boss and our tank has over 50 nature damage debuffs on him but whatever, nothing a rejuvenation can’t overcome.

Same thing for the dwarf and giants area, I think I was finishing up my novel at that point and Loken goes down along with one of the giants in about 15 seconds as well.

“Good group, bye”.

I like fast runs, be it if I’m tanking/healing on Turny or dps’ing on my Hunter/Warlock (I have too many toons and it takes too long to type them out EVERY time) but that’s because I know they can hold their own when the shit hits the fan.

I am quite guilty of this when tanking in Halls of Stone. I hate this place on my DPS toons I have no idea why. I think its the stupid Waiting for Slow Brann to Walk to Us Part that I can’t stand. Time wasted. (In a game….) I tend to pull..well…everything while spamming Swipe. My dodge is good ok!

Anyways, Turby can feign death to hold off mobs, trap them, switch aggro to his pet and kite mobs before feigning again if the mob isn’t dead.

Truny is a warlock and doesn’t die so she is completely fine.

Turny as a tank can heal himself and is quite resilient, and as a healer I can heal myself through 15-20 mobs bashing my branches.

HOWEVER, we need to understand that not every person you encounter is Geared To The Teeth; Yes I’m talking about YOU resto druid with agility gear! And YOU DK who made me use my brain to heal and then ditched us after Wave 1 in COS! And we still have to adjust our playstyle to accomodate everyone in the party.

Or leave. Without saying anything. Yeah, people do that too.

My recommendation is: Upon entering a Random Dungeon via being transported with the Random Dungeon Finder Tool. Wait 15 seconds after you can confirm everyone is present. Check to see if the tank actually CAN tank (if not they are already fighting the first wave). If everything is checked. Buff. I’m paranoid. And frugal. I’m not wasting 15 or so silver jeez the Random Dungeon only gives me 13 gold EVERY TIME.

On another side note I had realized Turny’s gold go from 200-650 gold in just a few runs of healing!

You do not want to buff everyone and have half the party leave for no reason. That ticks me off.

Anyways, this will be the last post related to this “amazing” tool.

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