Hero Scores Update


I like to compare my three mains in terms of their gear scores and here we go!

Based on WoW Heroes:

Turby (Hunter): 2,407
Truny (Warlock): 2,471
Turny (Druid-Resto Gear): 2,491

Based on Gear Score Addon:

Turby: 4,499
Truny: 4,602
Turny: 4,717 I think.

Poor Turby, other than Bracers he hasn’t been finding any upgrades (or being played that much), but don’t worry he will keep running Piece of Saron err…Pit of Saron for the Crossbow Upgrade. Nice Icy Crossbow mm!

Good news for Truny and Turny! the IC-10 man icon is WITHIN REACH, they are within the “You should be doing these raids” group and no longer ALL the way at the unreachable end of the Red Bar.

Knowing me I will probably check out the ICC sometime in March and if anything Turny will go heal around in there first.

HOWEVER, just because Truny’s gear is “better” than Turby’s, Turby’s nice stacking Agility makes him much stronger than the Warlock. I found that Turby seemed to maintain a nice 4500 dps in Heroic Frozen Halls instances while Truny would be sitting in the 3000’s. It was pretty surprising to see a consistent 4K+ on a character I barely play!

One reason is: Explosive Shot. It continues to do damage even while you are dodging and even while you are pushing the button for your next shot. Essentially Hunters ARE ranged melee. When Melee are in the group with my Warlock everything is dead before two casts, but if they are in the same group as Turby, everything is fine. Instant cast buttons for the win.

Healing Healing. It is fun to leave the “more difficult” mentality of the new Dungeons and Raids when running the Random Dungeon Generator and realize “Oh yes I can go back to writing that novel while I take short flight to Vancouver to buy some pastries while I heal”.

The End

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