AMG Swooning


On our Server, we have coolest, most epic, awesomest, leetest, bestest character EVAR.


Everytime I run to the Auction house in Orgrimmar, it does not matter on which character, on my Hunter, Warlock, Druid, Death-Knight-AH-Slave, I always see him in the same location just being HOLY FACK SO AWESOME!

I just want to stand there and /yell to the entire city how AWESOME his Warglaives of Azzinoth are and how JEALOUS I am of his Mechanohog! HOLY CRAP AN EXPENSIVE MOTORCYCLE AND AN ORANGE WEAPON WTFOMFGBBQQQ??

I am not going to name names but you know who you are and most people reading this and happen to the on the same server as I am will know how EFFING AWESOME it is!

AN ORANGE WEAPON?? I can’t ever DREAM of owning an orange weapon, heck when one day I join the Big Boys of Raiding perhaps I will see for myself some raiding loot AMGZ!

And OMG the legendary Mechanohog you know how expensive those things are?? They sell for like 18,000 gold!! SO RICH!!

UGH I’m making myself feel sad and irrelevant by talking about this but I really wanted to let everyone know and give this person a /wave if they see him!


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