Looking for Dungeon Feature

I had heard that the new Looking for Dungeon feature will match people up amongst similar gear scores but from what I saw yesterday, I had been grouped with a lot of people fully decked in HToGC. Every single slot.

Essentially the fights went like this:

Immolate. Good. Conflag. Oh wait the mob is dead, switch targets.
Imm- Oh wait they are all dead. Oh. And the next wave of trash is already dead. Oh wait they are on the boss already.

Recount Details

Person 1: (7,234 dps)
Person 2: (6,352 dps)
Truny: (3,200 dps)
Tank: (2,800 dps) YEAH AS A TANK
Healer: (141 dps) THATS PRETTY GOOD TOO!

I mean, they were completely super fast runs but…really?? On boss fights it was fine and I managed to eek out 4,700 as the bosses went down in 20 seconds but on trash I am tempted to just…..AOE THINGS TO THE GROUND! Though on that one time I tried to use Rain of Fire everything was dead by the time the first tick of damage went off.

It was better on my hunter since I like to fire off a Multishot and Volley feels more “agile” than Rain of Fire.

I’ve been healing way too much.

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