Truny on Loot Drama – Seethe

Yes, Seethe, the Caster Sword that drops off of the Devourer of Souls in Heroic Forge of Souls which I saw on Tuesday DROPPED while I was in a party on my Warlock yesterday!

Yes blah blah it is only ilvl232 BUT I would not make my DPS toons set foot in ICC anytime soon and this IS an upgrade to the Spectral Kris. Sorry no math here, just trust me on it.
As our random random group was formed up, I looked around to check out the composition of our party and lo-and-behold one of our DPS was a Mage who was conveniently equipping the same Spectral Kris that I had, which meant: This mage also would roll on this sword if it dropped and me being the Master of Rolling had pre-congratulated the Mage on every cloth drop and the sword after the first boss dropped a piece of cloth I had said:

“Grats on the upgrade, and grats on the sword” to which someone asked:

“What sword?”

“Seethe, the sword that drops off the last boss” I replied.

Now I know there is a random chance that the sword would NOT drop which would be good since having no expectations meant that I would not be disappointed in losing a roll over having not ever being able to roll on the sword to begin with.

I had explained the fights (it helped that I healed all these the day before) and off we went, the group was very competent anyways. I was surprised some people were actually asking “so how does this fight go?” rather than staying completely silent and DYING in their own un-knowledge.

The boss dies and I’m thinking “OK if it drops…whatever I’ll try again tomorrow, I’m just super impatient, if it doesn’t…ok good no conflict”.
It drops. I am thinking “maybe they won’t roll.”

Mage rolls Need: 4

Truny rolls Need: 93


Isn’t it pretty?? And aren’t my gloves SO non-distracting??

I will take some nicer pics…perhaps when my Hunter receives his new Crossbow (the boss didn’t drop it yesterday which is a complete ripoff since all bosses should drop what I need and only what I need).

I’ll try again today for the Crossbow. And Truny needs to do Halls of Reflection for an Offhand Upgrade.

Truny the Warlock

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