Restoration Druid T10 2/4-Piece Bonus

I was reading around on the Restoration Druid T10 set bonuses because it is most likely my Healer will have his gear maxed before everyone else just due to how useful he is and I read:

(2) Set: The healing granted by your Wild Growth spell reduces 30% less over time.

At first that made completely no sense to me. It Reduces 30% what? It reduces what less? It reduces less Over Time? What’s Over Time? We work over time and get paid, but we get paid MORE. Then I realized I was reading it completely wrong. It should be “The rate at which the ticks of your Wild Growth spell decrease per tick is reduced by 30%.”

OHH. So each tick does more now. Jeez I thought I was going crazy. That’s really nice since I like to throw it out there when I see a group of casters without full HP.

(4) Set: Each time your Rejuvenation spell heals a target, it has a 2% chance to jump to a new target at full duration.

YES, even though I did not get my wish for my Warlocks Conflagrate to jump to mobs, but having Rejuvenation jump can help prepare for a swiftmend or someone that I don’t have to cast Rejuv on anyways. But then again at a 2% chance what is the chance it would jump to someone who I wouldn’t have already pre-casted Rejuvenation on?

However, the Set Bonuses SHOULD be:

(2) Set: The healing done by your wild growth is increased by 300% and its duration is increased by 300% and now targets all raid members. The period healing done by the druid has a 25% to be a critical strike for 150% of amount healed.

(4) Set: Your Rejuvenation spell now hits Six targets, your Lifebloom spell now hits 3 targets and the spellpower portion of its bloom has been increased 600%, your Nourish spell now hits 5 targets and casts a free Regrowth along with it. The duration and healing amount of Regrowth is now increased by 200%. Each time your Lifebloom blooms it has a 20% chance to cast a Lifebloom on another target. Swiftmend will now activate on nine targets and will heal the nine targets with either the shortest amount of time on their hots or with the lowest % of their total HP. The cooldown of Swiftmend has been reduced by 8 seconds. Your Tranquility is a permanent aura that heals the entire raid for 50% of your spellpower, ticks every 5 seconds. The cast time and mana cost of your healing touch is reduced by 95%. Your heals have a chance to shield their target with the Grace of the Earthmother for 30% of the amount healed (at each tick) and has a chance to leave a heal over time for 30% of the amount healed. For each point of HP that you heal, you also deal 125% damage to the recipient of your heal’s damage.

There, now I balanced the game out.

Turny the Restless Tree

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