Patch 3.3 ME LIKE

I tried out some of the new content yesterday and: COOL!

No longer do my DPS toons have to sit around as idle swords hoping, just hoping someone would choose us amongst the many, but all we have to do now is click, check, GO and BAM a group is formed at random.

I do believe that people with similar gear levels are matched together so no longer do we have to “carry” fresh 80s through dungeons. They can do it themselves.

Come to think of it my Poor DK is a fresh 80 and…I do not think I will play him for a while just at the thought of the people running around at his gear range /shudder.

The new Frozen Halls Heroics were …kinda fun!

Forge of Souls: Lots of annoying mobs. They will spell reflect, cast random curses, cast random AoE damage and Turny being the AOE damage King handled them quite well as no one died. The two bosses were quite interesting, the first one will heal himself after channeling one’s soul so it is best for whoever go be channeled to RUN AS FAR AWAY as possible so the soul that would soon heal him won’t heal him as quick because: Once his HP is at a certain level he switches phases. The second boss is just knowing WHEN TO STOP DPS and to move around avoiding all sorts of nasty things. Fun times.

Pit of Saron aka PoS aka Piece of Sh*t. Funny. This instance is shorter than the first but has an extra boss. The first boss has an AOE frost aura which can be avoided, and boulders which can be avoided and used to wipe out the stacking aura (which went up to 21 stacks ticking for 3200 at times). The second boss is ….avoid avoid avoid, avoid puddles, avoid the boss when it chases you and avoid bombs. Fun times. Third boss is cake walk, just lure him over the frost patches when he’s enraged and try your best not to be hit by ice.

Halls of Reflection: At all times your tank should have aggro on EVERYTHING in this instance. The first two bosses are located in the same room and are triggered every 5 waves in a 10 wave trash-kill-athon. Kill the Priests first. The annoying thing about the adds before Farwyn and Marwyn (or whatever they are called) is that they attack on all sides and since I sometimes have residual hots on people I tend to draw aggro real quick, or if the tank misses a caster enemy. However being the king of AOE we downed the two for the last “boss”, which is Arthas.

Essentially after downing Arwyn and Marlyn we see our faction lady, Sylvanis soloing the Lich King, evidently taking out 7M of his HP while only losing 5M of hers (err…we are needed again why?) and then he…dun dun dun GIVES CHASE AMG RUN!

This was quite hectic, even though the Lich King walks very slowly you still get this feeling of impending doom while he summons lots and lots of minions for the party to kill, and once again the tank should aggro EVERYTHING. While you are killing the waves of adds ice walls are blocking your progress and Sylvanis will shoot them down for you, conveniently the walls fall when the adds are dead. Three such walls exist, each with more mobs than before. This fight wasn’t that tough and I don’t think it should warrant loot but…whatever…the loot was on our faction airship all along. High DPS is imperative here *cough*.

There ended Turny’s adventure as I logged into my Warlock to do some reverse-reverse-pew-pew!

The Demonology Changes are NICE! On normal trash mobs, everything feels the same when Decimate procs BUT on bosses: You can chain cast Soul Fire (while making sure corruption and Immolate don’t fall off of course, as that is rule #1 of DPS which is to keep your DoTs on at all times), and my seeing 16k chain crits was quite satisfying WHILE your Felguard is chop chopping away. This was all out of Metamorphosis so I anticipate upwards 20K crits however my talents still need tweaking but was too excited to do so yesterday and will perhaps refine the talent tree tonight and…


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