Icecrown 5 Man Loot

Patch 3.3 is live as of today, and most likely all the dungeons and servers are going to be lag-mania!

I would have to say that the gear in the new dungeons are actually nice!

The Trial of the Champion loot were all just re-used graphics from the argent tournament stupid daily rewards, and the Trial of the Crusader weapons well they all looked like they were missing some oomph to them.

The upcoming gear however all seem nice and solid and refined. And actually have color! Perhaps I am biased because they are all ice-based (zanpakutous) but still, go take a look!

The first thing to do is go run the heroic dungeons (unless there is a lame attunement which involves running the normal veresion first, which is ok since we can take it as practice, but if there is a quest to even get into the first dungeon I am probably not even going to log in) and grab the new SWORD, SPELLPOWER SWORD for my Warlock (YES no more LAME daggers) and the CROSSBOW (YES, no more MANLY gun for my TROLL hunter, who loves BOWS), and Turny is fine with gear but he will most likely have the easiest time finding a group since he is a PLUS and SHIELD.

BUT, I probably wont’ have much time to check out this new content until Thursday anyways so I will keep you updated, stalking my Loot Drama just like when Patch 3.2 came out!


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