Druid Levelling

Yes good old Turny is almost level 20, sitting at 87%. Something the accrued rested exp for today should fix, granting our famous druid Kitteh Form!

But wait isn’t Turny level 80? Hasn’t he been level 80 for months?

Ahh yes I have another Turny. On a PVP Server. A druid of course as my main.

Boy do these guys level slow for the first few levels. Bear form is not as sturdy as it seems once you’ve experienced the actual potential of Teddy Bearing.

Catform with its movement buff will do the trick. And…it’s like a rogue! I can go harass people with kitten stealth (in my level range!)

It is funny, starting out with (almost) nothing. I did make a DK on the same server just to supplement any gold which I need…which I have to admit is not enough for my toons rampant spending habits.

See back at home in Turaylon…I had seven maxed professions between my characters at our disposal and enough gold to…well…enough gold.

Now, without the ability to send gold and frostweave bags like it was free to all my newly minted toons I am actually counting my silvers. We are back to the days when TEN gold was a LOT of money! I am upgrading gear every second opportunity (4 levels, which sucks!!).

Turny also picked up two Production professions. Enchanting (which is going great from dungeons dropping greens like mad), and Jewelcrafting, which is going slow as I save up money to buy the materials. (Even though secretly my DK is a mining slave just in case).

Turny is also levelling in the Alliance starting areas so world PVP is pretty quiet it seems, though there are some people who just LOVE to one-shot lowbies over and over again!

What does this prove? Yes it proves that on a PVP server, and that it would be entertaining to see someone perish at one tick of your dot or auto-attack but…why? That’s first degree murder. Now, would you have done the same thing if I was also at level 80? A more difficult target? An unkillable heal-through-anything resto druid? That day is yet to come. Sure I had no business in that area but it was on the way to a dungeon and the flight path would have been nice for future travel. I’ll die, res, dance a bit, die, res, dance a bit, die, and nudging my corpse ever so slightly over each time…RUN LIKE THE WIND!

And seriously, one shotting is boring. I like to mess with my target’s mind for extra annoyance. This is my inner warlock speaking, whom is sitting at level 1 waiting…I guess I’m just passive when on my druid. Tank and heals. No killing. Protect the innocent.

Ahem anyways….a warlock would Fear people into things. Cast a low level dot that brings people to the verge of death. Cast some useless curses like tongues or weakness. Send in your weakling pet to tickle them. Lure out their mains. Then cast conflagrate…and win!

Or be an Ambush rogue. That stuff is crazy. From what I see in the 50-60 range you can one shot almost all non-plate wearers and disarm any plate users and bleed them to death it is quite entertaining. Vanish, and jumping around like a crazy is your best friend! Off topic. Alterac Valley is EVEN more fun with an exp stream!!

If I were to intentionally kill someone minding their own business with my druid…I would be in tree form. That auto-attack can crit for 700 on heroic mobs dammit!

Someone at or near my own level. Sure why not I can pretty much defend myself if you can’t one shot me. Or if I can’t hit you. Ever. Wait that sounds like Subtlety Ambushing hehehe

No, must level Druid before Rogue must level Druid before Rogue. Tank and Heals. Mm. Functional before fun. Yes. Ok.


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