Nooby Beginnings

I logged into my Warlock last week and saw a mysterious letter from a friend who said they had changed realms and my first thought was “I wonder who it is”, since once they leave your realm, the Sender of the Letter becomes “unknown”.

It didn’t take long as only one person would contact me about this stuff so I decided to go see how he was doing in his new realm, a PVP one *dun dun dun*

I made a Rogue and named it after my Warlock because my original Rogue name of Runy had been taken already (WTF).

I also made a Druid, named appropriately for my current Druid: Turny.

They are both Night Elves.

Now, levelling as a complete lowbie with no resources and having no idea where I am (my friend is on the Alliance side as we used to be Horde) is quite frustrating!

It shouldn’t be frustrating but since I’ve already had a taste of the end-game, being low levelled is not pleasant at all.

I mean, why can I not take on six or seven mobs of my equal level as a rogue? I was fighting two mobs and thought…oh I can do this but all of a sudden “splat”.

WHAT THE HELL where’s my dodge??

Oh right, my WHITE gear has no stats boosts…and I’m actually level 5 whilst the two that were beating on me were level 8.

Now that I think back…how did I ever level my druid to 20??

Oh yes, I left him abandoned for months whilst logging in once in a while…slowly inching his exp up.

Right, and each newbie gets an allowance of 1000 gold to upgrade themselves at every possible moment at each level up.

Bad habits.

Yes, having a mana using class at low levels is a pain, running out of mana after three pulls and having to sit and drink for about six to seven minutes every other two minutes is not very productive! I’m impatient, sue me.

On a good note I have accumulated a total of (WOOT) 30 SILVER between my two toons!!

I had been dutifully keeping Gray Items in my two small bags and selling everything at every chance I get and I am hoping once the professions start working up then these humble beginnings shall end.

Through careful stealthing and actually being on even grounds with mobs, I got Truny the Rogue (o,O) to level 10 and joined my first Battleground: Warsong Gulch. I was useless. Everyone in there was level 19 and RED and could see through stealth and HURT. It wasn’t like the free exp in AV since I could do nothing to contribute to our achievements so I left and I guess I shall wait HAHA!

I could. I could bring one of my level 80s over, I guess the ones with the most emblems and 10k gold and start a legacy but that’s…cheating…let’s do this the right way.

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