Druid T9 Restoration Set Bonuses

The restoration set grants us the following bonuses:

2 Piece: Increases the critical strike chance of Nourish by 5%.

5% is 5%, it is nice to have an increase in ANYTHING but I do not use any of my heals in hopes of them critting. I use Nourish where I know the person is out of consistent damage and may need padding hence Nourish does the trick quickly.

If they do get supplemental damage and may continue to do so then Regrowth is my choice there. (DUHH)

4 Piece: Rejuvenation has a chance for its healing to be critical strikes.

Seriously? In terms of consistent healing I actually do not rely on Rejuvenation regardless of how hard each tick hits, to be padding damage. It acts as a fine soaker, but we have Lifebloom. Lifebloom ticks every second and you can control how much extra padding you need between Rejuvenation ticks. Sure lifebloom is costly but when do we EVER run out of Mana? The only time my mana ran low was when the entire raid seemed to be taking damage and I was throwing Lifebloom on EVERYONE. There is also Wild Growth which by itself is pretty useful and of course if another person is taking damage, the more the better!

Anyways, the critical strike chance of Rejuvenation will come useful to mitigate a LITTLE BIT of health that Swiftmend may not completely cover. Usually it is at this point where Swiftmend is needed that you appreciate the strength of Rejuv, and if it were to crit here then it is quite useful. You know those times where a swiftmend gets absorbed and you resort to Nourish/Regrowth. You know?

However, I find (anything) over-times that can CRIT to be incredibly awesome such as when I found out that my kitty bleeds could crit, it felt nice just to have numbers jumping out at you for no goddamn reason so free big green numbers jumping out at you is for me fairly appealing.

As of now I am half-a-week to a week shy of Trimph emblems to acquire three additional T9 pieces. I have one set-piece equipped and have enough emblems to buy three more but don’t feel the need for SO MUCH UPGRADING so I am trying to save until I get the entire set bonus.

If only our faster ticking HoTs such as Lifebloom or Wildgrowth could crit…THEN…../drool

Turny the Restless Tree

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