Bankai! New Cooldowns

“Blow those cooldowns we’re finishing this”

Truny: Err…I’m a destruction warlock…I don’t have any cooldowns…

Turby: Umm….I guess Rapid Fire is a cooldown…it won’t help THAT much but okay….

Turny: Uhh…the damage is fine so I don’t need to blow any healing cooldown aka Tranquility and I will save Nature’s Swiftness thank you very much.



Yes, by implementing all new cooldowns for our favourite classes and when I say our I mean MINE.

Hunter: Atomic Shot (Rank 1)
15 minute cooldown.

For 20 seconds, all of the hunter’s shots become Atomic Shots dealing 5,352-7,512 fire damage every second for four seconds to all enemies in a 15 yard radius. The explosive charges stack independently so you don’t have to do the shoot and wait like Lock’n Load.

There fixed.

Warlock: Cataclysm (Rank 1)
15 minute cooldown.

For 20 seconds, your threat is reduced by 90%, all stats are increased by 100%, haste, and critical chance is increased by 100% and critical bonus damage is increased by 100% and your Conflagrate spell now deals damage based on every negative debuff on the mob.

Ok good!

Druid: Life Sear Presence(Rank 1)
10 minute cooldown.

For 30 seconds, for every point of damage that you heal on your allies, 100% of the health healed (including overheal) damages the target of your ally.

Think about it, pop this cooldown throw your hots on everyone and start channeling Tranquility.

MUCH better.

Turny the DPS Tree

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