Healing Trial of the Crusader

This week has been a raiding week for Turny. Yes the one who says he doesn’t raid is now inadvertantly saved to five raid instances.

The nublets ones of course.

First off there was Onyxia 25, I run this on all my toons once the opportunity comes but Turny takes precedence. And of course once we murder this poor dragon, ten of us decide to stay behind wait for her to resurrect and murder her again.

Two down.

Vaults of Archavon.

Nothing really interesting here save for the lottery-like feel of the bosses, run it whenever it is up. Healing this place is just lolwildgrowthatflamecircle. I never take for granted a Druid’s healing mobility.

And again, ten of us will stay behind and murder the bosses a second time.

Four down.

Badges of Triumph. I have no more use of Conquest badges amazingly, save to buy gems or BOA gear. Interesting.

Now this is usually what I run, the easy peasy stuff and maybe some random incomplete Naxx’s sprinkled in for fun.

However after one of our Onyxia 25’s and 10’s, some of our group was like “Let’s do TOC 10” and my first thought was “oh like …with me as heals? HAHA never been!”

But everyone was quite accomodating and ensured some of us who have never been in there that “don’t worry its easy that place is cake”.

Still, I quickly tabbed out and wiki’d up Trial of the Champion and was trying read as fast as possible all of the boss strategies. I had read up on them a LONG time ago and the only one I really remember was Gormok the Impaler T_T

And actually…the raid was kind of easy. For a healer anyways. For a tree anyways.

First Boss: Gormok the Impaler

Who caught him to begin with anyways? Why are we killing him?

He stacks debuffs on the tank and APPARENTLY kobolds are supposed to spawn and attack people however I never got attacked. Nor did any fire spawn under my feet (it hasn’t been spawning on me for a LONG time, having run VOA on three toons…hmm…)

When the tanks switch…err…heal the other tank and spam hots on the rest of the party who are wrestling Kobolds off their faces.


Second Boss: Giant Jormungars (Spellcheck)

Two worms that have poison, if you have a paralysing poison get cleansed by someone with a fire poison, make sure to also be healing said fire-poisoned person and….that’s it. Again, for a tree anyways.


Third Boss: Icehowl

A giant Yeti which is more or less a tank and spank except when he knocks everyone back to the wall and will charge and one shot you. However at that time everyone has a movement speed debuff and should probably just be running around in circles to avoid him.

I failed to do that. I got stuck in the crook of the doorway and sometimes my camera likes to completely FLIP itself so by the time I realized he chose me as the target I went splat.

(Like that time some idiotic paladin bubble taunted Emalon and as he changed his aggro to me just as I reached the instance exit my camera flips itself and I charge right into him..)

He went down anyways.

Riiiight. So next time, RUN and maybe pre-set the Camera somehow.

Fourth Boss: Lord Jarraxxus (Spelling)

AMG DEMONZ. The soul of my inner warlock burned with an envious frenzy as I saw that little gnome summon a Demon of Awesomeness out of a Portal of Awesomeness!

He has a debuff that absorbs healing (30k) and if not healed through apparently will explode and damage everyone. We managed to get rid of it everytime. He also has portals which summon other demons and those should be picked up.

And apparently there is another fire type debuff that whereever you run around it leaves patches of fire on the ground and once you realize this is similar to the Grobbulus fight then its pretty much GTF away from everyone and heal yourself.

Otherwise with the fires, easy peasy.

And I think one of the succubi that spawned did a WRESTLING MOVE on me o_O

Fifth Boss: Faction Champions

WTF? Those allies look…funky. The only class I could distinguish was the Restoration Druid because it was in tree form.

PVP? I know how to decimate people with a hunter or a warlock in a PVP situation and as a Resto Druid…I just heal through the damage of five of six people until they got bored…and this fight was…annoying.

It wasn’t even a fight per se. I was cleansing curses, healing people lightly, barkskinning, had to use cyclone once though to no avail and…by the time it was all over it didn’t really feel ….right. Not exactly challenging but just ..a big mess of people running around.

I guess it’ll be different when I regain access to Shadowcrash!

Still, waste of a boss fight but easy gear which fits with the theme of this current patch so I’m not complaining.

Sixth Boss: Vrykul Twins

I almost typed Vrykul Twinks (hahahaa *cough*…) ok ok. So this fight I had read and glanced bits and pieces of info on other blogs and what-not but I really had no idea what the hell was going on as it was probably around 3 a.m. when we reached them since this was a late run and my brain was just like “WTFBBQ?”

So apparently most of the information did not apply to me. It was DPS and tanks who had certain debuffs could utilize buffz to do what they do best but as a healer it didn’t really matter…sort of.

When the battle starts we did the “two groups on two colours” things and I clicked the first portal I saw: Dark Portal.

As a Druid healer, it didn’t really matter what color I started with as long as I :

a) Dodged white balls (err..white orbs…err…white spheres)

b) Clicked to the colour of whatever Twin was Channelling

c) Kept everyone alive

..then everything was good. I didn’t need to attack them, so I am assuming there are certain damage buffs. And once again, MOBILITY was awesome. I was jumping around dodging balls and grabbing balls (err..) and just…being a Druid!

And I had to reconfirm that if I had a dark aura up that I would not damage people with light aura cause…yes I prance around!

Final Boss: Anub’arak (Ice Style)

Styling a new skin, Anub’arak was easier than I thought.

He has a frost type DOT that is easily offset by a rejuv and some lifeblooms, the adds should be killed off and run away from his spikes while not trailing it into your party members. Basic stuff.

Until the third phase.

In his third phase, he does a super style Leeching Swarm which damages the entire raid ticking for a minimum of 250 hp per second and it heals him for the amount it damages.

So it is best to keep everyone except the tank at fairly low health.

But actually, this was pretty simple: Wildgrowthlol, lifebloomlol, rejuvlol, go watch a movie, bake some pastries, wildgrowthlol.

I wonder, how do Paladins heal this place? Their heals recover like 353k HP per hit…do you just use a level 1 flash of light?

Constant damage offset by constant heals gotta love it.

So there we have it, easy peasy 15 emblems of Triumph…I wonder how the 25 man version then the heroic 10 man version and the heroic 25 man version is like …so many versions.

I have enough emblems to buy two more pieces of ghetto ilvl 232 T9 but….why do I need it?

Turny the Restless Tree

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