Fail Pally

I got home real late last night but decided that there was still time to run the daily on my Druid as being a healer/tank makes finding groups VERY easy.

Luckily, both of the Emblem-Rain dailies was Heroic Culling of Stratholme yay I love that instance save for the drama and insanely long dialogue!

As no one needed a healer I started up my own group and off we went!

Our group consisted of a Warrior Tank, who I reassured that even though I was healing while equipping my skinning knife, that I would skin our foes alive!

Two mages and a paladin.

Our Mr. Paladin was concerned if we would make the timed-run requirement and I said “DPS Hard?”

Come on, nowadays most people make it to the bonus boss with about 4 minutes left. (Though the fastest run I’ve seen was with 8 minutes left, jeez these new tier items make for some crazy AOE damage)

He then said “I don’t know..we have two mages….”

Meaning what? Mages have bad DPS? I dont’ think so. Meaning what? That his super awesome DPS was too good for mages?

It wasn’t until about Wave 4 that I realized on my trusty little recount meter that the results thus far looked like this:

Warrior 1500
Mage 1600
Mage 1800
Paladin 700
Turny 60 (With a skinning knife! I RULE! AND Keeping you all alive! *Cough*)

What the-….I do what I do best and that is click into our Mr. Paladin’s damage details.

I saw lots of exorcism, some righteous something, lots of consecrate (almost all consecrate)…err where was melee?

Oh there it is…9th most damaging factor was melee…and…they were hitting for 200?



He had on an ilvl 245 Breastplate, ilvl 245 Wrist, some H TOC gear, and an ilvl200 weapon.

That should warrant enough numbers to pull off 2400 dps. I know.

“I don’t think we’re making the timer” he says. No shit look at what you’re (not) doing?

I observed him for the next pull and I saw some movement and …having no knowledge of how Pally dps works I reset my recount and tried again.

Nope, still 700 dps.


It wasn’t until after the Spinny Boss in the Room that the tank said “stop sucking and going afk, I am not carrying someone through this” that was when I went “ahhh afking”. I have seen this before back in the levelling days an overgeared Rogue joined us for Maraudon and was just autoattacking while afk for each pull……ugh.

We all stayed quiet and missed the last boss by a couple minutes no thanks to you know who because even if everyone averages just over 1400 to 1500 dps, we usually make the boss, that’s how it is.

700? No, that is for Outlands.

Afterwards he seemed to have woken up and did contribute 1800 dps for Mal’ganis which is I guess okay right?

Maybe he was working up his weapon skill too who knows.

Or I hate to think this: Ebay?

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