Vault of Archavon Competency

VoA 25, free loot rain. I always get pugged to run this as I have mentioned before the only members of my guild are my friend and my own’s alts.

ANYWAYS. I ran this a total of three times this weekend.

Run 1: Turny the Healer. This run went smoothly, everyone stayed out of fire for Koralon and I received a pair of godly boots. Yes.

Emalon was trouble. People began leaving when a premature pull of one of the exploding adds in front of his hallway killed everyone.

Whatever. We kill Archavon with our eyes closed.

Overall: People, don’t leave so fast a-holes!

Run 2: Truny the DPS Warlock. This run was INSANELY competent. I did not stop to check if I was part of a guild run or anything but Koralon went down INSANELY fast with no one dying. Emalon went down INSANELY fast (adds were dead by the time FOUR stacks of explode were going on), everyone spaced out and switched to kill the add, and Archavon died in probably 30 seconds and that was the super quick 10-minute Vault of Archavon. Oh and by the way not ONE piece of fire spawned under my feet for the entire Koralon run WEWTS.

Overall: Insanely Competent HOLY CRAP

Run 3: Turby the DPS Hunter. I don’t really run with Turby anymore but the potential for hunter damage is too good to pass up and he’s my very first toon and all so yeah…
Koralon was one shotted but it was kind of iffy, our tank had died when Koralon was at about 100k and Koralon was running amock the people taking them all down and I thought “no, we are too close”, so as he approaches me I feign death and as he leaves shoot him with a kill shot to help take down his HP a bit more (that thing crits like a warlock) and he goes down. No loot but who cares, got the achievement after all this time neglecting me hunters.

Emalon was fail. We seemed to have an excessive amount of melee dps and said melee were dying to lightning nova and chain lightning or what-not and from my general experience with how fast the exploding adds would die in comparising to how much their exploding buff would stack, we would always barely make it for each time Emalon charges his minion. If we lost any more people, we’d die. And die we did.

We tried again and this time…Emalon enraged at 500k HP and killed everyone.

Come on, where’s the DPS? You know there IS a minimum amount required to kill him? And come on, who nowadays can NOT do over 3k (while on the premise that you felt you could perform well enough to JOIN a VOA group). Come on!

It’s ok, got the Triumph badge and achievement and all was good.

But come on Emalon’s SOO last tier!



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