Healing Onyxia 25

Oh my god we did it! I was going to save this post for until I had picture but I can add them later for no one to see..

The truth of it is: Last night as I had logged and was about to go take a shower I remembered that Turny was still in his Feral gear and I wanted to check my Wowheroes score (don’t laugh at me) while in my Healy Gear so I logged back in just to do that one simple click to switch clothes but I got a whisper from a friend “Want to heal Ony 25” and it was getting kind of late but how long can Onyxia take anyways. So I said sure.

(By the way Turny’s healing Gear Score is FINALLY..FINALLY higher than my Hunter’s (Who still has some non-epic gems making him my “strongest” toon)

Up to this point I had only completed this raid on my Warlock two times as ranged DPS is all the rage and Truny is the preferred DPS toon I log into.

Heals hey? So I turn on my GRID and pop pop pop pop all the little squares fill up my screen and we get rolling.

First piece of trash I mean drake we encounter, I am not sure what those silly melee people were doing but we all die.

Not very good prospects.

We gather our composure and try again and this time we almost make it to third phase and we all die again.

Is it just me or does Onyxia only Deep Breath when I ACTUALLY have to stand still to cast my Nourish? Of all times!

We try again and I think a hunter in spite sent his pet onto Onyxia and wiped us as we were waiting by her cave. He didn’t join us afterwards.

People are leaving, heals and dps, ugh. I go take my shower as we complete the group.

More people are dropping but we replace them with more familiar names and the group was good to go.

This time I set Onyxia as my Focus since I tended to gloss over the “Onyxia Takes a Deep Breath” text smack dab in the middle of the screen since that is NOT where I am looking. I am looking at everyone’s greeny bars!

We get really close to the third phase this time and one of our Adds-tanks dies ack, but no worries Rebirth saves the day and as he resurrects his health is at full. Good job for our healing team, three priests a shaman and myself (I think)

THIS time as she casts Breath I can clearly see when she casts it and I frantically turn my camera around going “Where the fff is she??” and dodge her Tree-burning flames. I try to save Swiftmend for this moment, as its usually at this moment the person I am trying to save is losing their health and I know that if I stand around nourishing that it’ll be all over so I take advantage of the Druid’s mobility and dodge and heal as usual. Something I am so used to. Kudos to everyone for actually dodging the fire!

*Now is it just me or when a situation arises where I panic, I tend to push Rejuv over and over as if it would do any good?

Onyxia lands and its chaos because of the existing adds and what not and everyone’s bars are dropping and I’m running around like a crazy throwing Lifeblooms and Rejuvenations on everyone and throwing Wild Growth like its free and everything calms down and other than the occasional fears (warded by our one Shaman) Onyxia goes down. I used my Tranquility here because…well……since its there and we didn’t really need it for the other phase….

I would have to say that was pretty intense. Especially when just for a moment you forget that there are three other healers ALSO padding up the raid, that things weren’t that intense but it sure as hell felt like it. And maybe because I was hella sleepy!

I think it was also at the third phase where my heals put me at the top of the healing meters (and the overheals, but not by percent) and a real appreciation for how “smart” Wild Growth is set in.

Also guess what dropped? And guess who was the only Resto Druid in there? Dun dun dun no pics yet but ……I’ll be back!

Turny the Restless Tree

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