T10 Gear Preview/Review

I see that all but the Shaman T10 gear has been released on the blizzard site for us all to ..witness. Here are my thoughts on each of the sets (giggles).

Death Knight: Uhh, have we not seen that before? Spiky helms? Well, it does deviate from T9 and it is pure Death Knightish so…good enough.

Druid: Oh my god. The natural look is nice but uhh, the helmet is umm…antlers of thorns! I see that Druids are really meant to be Game Animals (more on this when I get home to post the next post about Turny), but I am excited to get this ridiculous helmet as it will keep me entertained for probably two weeks! I still prefer it more to the T8 Priestess of the Moon crap.

Hunter: Ok I am sorry but Hunters from what I know wear mail. That is not mail that is wood and leather once again. And what’s with the hooves? The helmet may look pretty kick-ass on my Troll…as I always grab the new helms for my toons whenever possible. (The human looks lame)

Mage: Whoa someone took a dip in nuclear waste no?? Nothing really special save for the radioactive gems.

Paladin: Everything seems cool here, befitting of the upcoming Cataclysm with the hint of brimstone but I guess they ran out of PLATE armor and Paladins now have to wear ROBES. OR that is actually a PLATE robe and we are all just waaaayyy behind on armor technology. *Cough*

Priest: What the hell this looks like gear you get at level 20? Done.

Rogue: Biohazard is the word that comes to mind for no reason at all. See for T9 we get free eyes, now for T10 those eyes converge to become one powerful roguey-cyclops eye because depth perception is for noobs! Nice spaulders though.

Shaman: ??. Of course, Shamans ALWAYS get the coolest gear, I remember levelling up and always seeing someone in super ornate gear and knew right away :Shaman. I bet the Shaman gear is made out of pure lightning, it summons bolts of lightning to smite your enemies. The helmet is a swirl of lava and nether essence putting even Warlock gears to shame. The spaulders, oh the spaulders are THIRTY FEET high totem poles with Thrall’s face etched onto each section and they rally your party members with the power of the horde every 15 seconds.

Warlock: This set reminds me of an evil Jack-O-Lantern turned alive. Looks more like a Hallowe’en costume I think. It is pretty malicious hwoever. I think everything should be in a beautiful swathe of perpetual flame, though the helmet would look better on my Undead Female rather than this lame Human (yes you can tell)

Warrior: Nice and runic and earthy. The bullhorns for their charging or whatever it is they do in melee fits perfect. Though I just deleted my warrior yesterday to remake a priest (again)…we shall see! (How was that relevant?)

In conclusion, nothing mindblowing but I can just imagine the 200 SP helmets already *drool*


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