Tanking Heroic Trial of the Champion

Yesterday was a quiet day. I logged onto my Death Knight to finish maxing out his Mining Skill to grab some titanium ores to prospect them into the fabled Epic Gems. I had put myself in LFG for the daily and the regular Trial of the Champion as well, since this DK is sadly under-geared and my inner Warlock is saying he is weak.

I managed to find enough ores for three epic gems and three titanium powders and having no groups I logged onto Turny.

As I log onto my druid I receive whispers left right and centre “Wanna heal this or wanna heal that”. Uhh sure! Though the person who invited me disbanded the group randomly so whatever I threw myself into LFG once again and immediately got invited for the daily heroic.

People were discussing roles and someone said that they were healing and I said “But I’m a healer”. This was because I thought I had put myself in LFG as a PLUS SIGN only but apparently I had changed my default to SHIELD and PLUS. I had not realized this until later but I said “Well I can tank (whatever)” and I’d have to say that that was probably a fairly fast Utgarde Keep with my chain pulling with no stops all the way until the last boss!

To all discipline priests out there I am not sure what is going on but I really appreciate your shields.

I always set the healer as my focus when I am tanking and our healer didn’t seem to use any mana throughout the entire dungeon, which from my own experience as a Restless Tree is a very good thing, the tank is pretty solid.

What? I am solid?

So after this quick run we decided to try out H TOC. Dun dun dun!

Our circumstances were special.

I had never tanked this before on heroic mode. Our healer had never healed this on their specific toon, and one of our damagers was used to tanking instead of damaging. A very virgin run, sort of.

The bosses were declared and we get:

Lana Stouthammer: Aoe and poison bitch.
Marc Jacob Alerias (Spellcheck): GTFO Whirlwind Man
Colossos: LMAO What is he?

On the first pull I tried to focus on the rogue while maintaining my AOE Maul and Swipe aggro on the other two all while trying to avoid the poison pools and trying to avoid walking through the poison pools when the Warrior throws me and I think I failed to avoid his whirlwind as this damage was too much for our healer …we wiped.

Everyone fly back and try again.

Same method. Make sure everything is aggroing me. Stack some Lacerates on the warrior and Colossos and focus fire on the rogue lady. This time I paid more attention to back away from Whirlwind and BAM they died one by one.

Everything after that was cake.

Eadric the Pure: Tank, turn around, tank, throw his hammer at him if you have a priest healer (which we did).

Black Knight: Easy peasy. Tank until he’s dead. On second phase aoe aggro all the ghouls and move around if needed to avoid his Desecration and move away from any ghouls about the explode and dead. Last phase, just kill.

So in conclusion: Stay away from whirlwind! And this is probably a more healer intensive instance than anything.


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