Klupty the Dual-Wielding DK

Oh Klupty. Of all toons I think my Death Knight has had it the roughest. He started out at 55, got a little bit of attention and sat around at 58 for months. For a long time he was the second highest level toon on my list, sad hey?

It wasn’t until many months later I decided to level said Death Knight again, having poured thousands of gold maxing out his Jewelcrafting before even finishing outlands, this character should be of some use but melee just wasn’t my thing.

Months later, fast-forwarding to yesterday. Klupty hits 80! He had hit 80 at the exact same quest-giver as my Druid, Blackwatch in Icecrown ha! Positive association to said gnome lady!

Klupty. Frost DK. He had all the tanking specs with the major tree in Frost. I like ice!

Now the only way to work on Klupty’s tanking gear was to *dun dun dun* dps dungeons and try to collect all the tanking stuff the actual tank does not need and pray for no other plate wearers cause I suck at the Roll For It Game.

I had grown accustomed to my Frost Tanking spec, passing it off as a “dps” spec but it just felt….really slow. Though when the tank died as is common running around with random scary lowbies, I could always switch to Frost Presence and save the day.

So as not to embarass myself and to appease my inner Warlock, Klupty heads off to his favourite trainer the Ice Lich (or maybe because he’s the closest one) and spends his parent’s hard earned money to Dual Spec into an ACTUAL DPS spec.

I had tried blood, didn’t like it, and unholy seemed…not interesting, but Dual Wielding…I am obsessed with Dual Wielding (yeah I’m talking about YOU Shunsui Kyouraku) so I looked up a viable Dual Wielding talent spec and bought myself two of them Reaper of Dark Souls (which seems to be more or less the best swords out there save for an Ulduar sword or the Krol Cleaver, which is great, less worries for upgrades), and started to test it out at TOC!

WOW. It’s so much faster! Threat of Thaurissan (spellcheck) is so cool! At first I was wondering why I would see two yellow numbers side by side but when they crit it was kind of satisfying! My howling blasts are critting for over 6,000 and in Klupty’s first heroic he pushed 1800 dps in random plate gear I picked up throughout Northrend.

The potential is huge! My rotations were fine, essentially it was:

Set up Diseases (Oh I hate you Plague Strike or whatever button ‘3’ is called)
Keep Blood Runes on cooldown.
Dump Runic Power via Froststrike (very cool, rogues need this)
Look for Rime. Rime is when Howling Blast becomes free. Use it!
Look for Killing Machine. Howling Blast takes priority over a free crit Frost Strike. It hits harder.

The damage comes so fast I couldn’t really see everything to be honest.

In a solo environment I think mobs tended to die….way faster than in tanking spec. It was crazy.
I was killing some Protodrakes for the JC Daily and they just….went splat whereas I was SO USED TO my tanking spec DPS as “the way it is” I never realized that…wow….

Ok Straying off Topic again so BAI!

Klupty the Death Knight

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