Bear vs Death Tank

Death Knight, I mean.

I feel a lot more sturdy in Turny’s teddy bear form and this could be blamed to the fact that I am visually larger than my Death Knight..perhaps. Klupty is just a skinny Blood Elf and he was a Blood Elf because he just happened to be the next toon on my list and I did not have a Blood Elf. Psh go figures.

Death Knight Tanking:

I like being frost. Klupty has always been frost and the dirty little reason was that I thought Hungering Cold was REALLY cool. Come on, you can freeze EVERYTHING around you? You purge the ground of all heat, that just sounded cool! I have yet to find a really good use for this as I have not have mobs stray away from me, except for when I am questing and maybe TEN additional mobs on top of the five I am fighting aggro me and I need just a little bit of time to manage their death order. Howling Blast is also really nice, it attacks EVERTHING in range of it automatically so there are no aiming green circles and the damage is usually just a smidgen under my Frost Strike.

I try not to pull using Death and Decay. This ability just takes up way too many runes. If I pull a big group I usually pull with Howling Blast. Yes I know I can use Icy Touch, then the Plague Strike (or whatever the hell that other disease is), then Epidemic (or whatever the hell the “spread the disese” button is called), THEN Blood Boil, I could, but with crazy DPS who just can not wait, Howling Blast is pretty safe. With super high DPS I will use DND just to get that extra lock on Aggro but usually is unneeded. Were all those run-on sentences? Doesn’t matter.

Afterwards it’s just cycling my Rune Strike and Frost Strikes and triggering Howling Blast and Blood Boil on everything and you know what? The damage is not bad at all. At level 77 Klupty pulls a 1300 dps as a tank and is usually overall damage just because of the AOE-Happy nature of the way I spend my rotation.

For the record I have seen people who dared to sport ilvl226 gear and do less than 1200 dps. Come on, really? If you perfected a rotation, even with ilvl187 you can pull of much more. But DUH we all know that…anyways.

So tanking on a DK is pretty basic stuff, though I haven’t been on in a while to get him more levels we shall see.

Teddy Bear Tanking:

Ahh Turny, he has almost double the health and double the armor of Klupty and I think the healing I receive from crits is very very nice! I think I prefer the teddy bear mechanics to the DK ones because I gain rage from attacking and also from being attacked!

Yes, we need to build up rage but once it builds up aggro is pretty much stuck on you. Maul with the glyph hits pretty hard and hits multiple targets. Mangle is a nice “pow pow” attack that has a nice oomph feeling to it and of course Swipe is probably my favourite spell to spam in the entire game, it’s just so…spammable!

We have growls, faerie fires that do damage, a charge, an emergency heal yourself while increasing your health button and also Berserk which is pretty much …awesomeness!

Though for me it boils down to how all these AOE attacks feel. See, with a DK if there is even a little bit of lag it just feels like button pushing. I like having all my attacks land at the same time I pressed the button for it, just something that bugs me. Also I sometimes find myself wanting Howling Blast to get off of its damn cooldown faster and really…my mind isn’t devoted enough to calculate exactly how many runes each attack uses and exactly which runes are on cooldown. Heck I barely look at my runes, I find that when I’m on my Death Knight that I tend to be staring at my action bar waiting for something to be pressable.

With a Teddy Druid, I can at least WATCH the fight while spamming Swipe and expecting when to use Mangle and Maul!

And of course on the other side of the mirror is an INSANE Resto Druid!

Turny and Klupty the Tanks

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